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2022 Bacchante incident

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2022 Bacchante incident
Part of the San Carlos Islands Crisis
The MV Bacchante in Paleocacher in 2015.
The MV Bacchante in Paleocacher in 2015.
Date22 August 2022; 22 months ago (2022-08-22)
Southern Ocean, approximately 54 miles southwest of Fort Handel[1]
Result Creeperian and Gandorian victory
Commanders and leaders
  • Kamakakoa Kekoa Executed
  • Nohokai Kaimana 
  • Lopaka Iokina 
  • Domingo Pérez Tassis
  • Juan Ramírez Quijada
  • Thomas Wesnosik (WIA)
  • Paul Trykasik
21 hijackers
  • 81 soldiers
  • 1 submarine
Casualties and losses
  • 1 executed
  • 14 killed
  • 6 captured
  • 5 killed
  • 24 wounded
21 killed, 8 injured, 1 helicopter lost

The 2022 Bacchante incident, also known as the Battle of the Bacchante or the Bacchante attack, occurred on 22 August 2022 when armed militants of the Kapahu Alana Revolutionary Movement (MRKA) hijacked the Paleocacherian cruise ship MV Bacchante in the Southern Ocean. The initial hijacking occurred at 6:05 a.m. AMT+8, approximately 206 miles southwest of Fort Handel, New Gandor, in retaliation of the Creeperian government's arrest of Moke Maleah, the group's second-in-command, five days prior.

The twenty-one MRKA fighters which boarded and hijacked the MV Bacchante held all of the ship's passengers as hostages to pressure the Creeperian government to release imprisoned MRKA soldiers and commanders, and to pressure New Gandor to withdraw support of the Creeperian government in the San Carlos Islands Crisis. In response, a joint Creeperian and Gandorian task force raided the cruise ship and forcibly seized control of the ship from the MRKA. The raid, which took place at 10:00 p.m. AMT+8, resulted in 35 total fatalities, 21 of which were civilians. Seven MRKA combatants were captured and sent to Creeperopolis to be imprisoned at the Tuxtla Martínez–Panachor Maximum Correctional Facility (TMP), but the hijackings leader, Kamakakoa Kekoa, was executed before imprisonment by being thrown out of a helicopter and into the Southern Ocean.

The event has been condemned by various foreign governments as a terrorist act, and followed a series of major terrorist attacks in Sur and Ostlandet in the prior two months. The attacks led to some fringe theorists to claim that a conspiracy existed to disrupt the global economy and geopolitics.


The second phase of the San Carlos Islands Crisis began in August 2003, two months after the successful 2003 Creeperian coup d'état. The far-left Kapahu Alana Revolutionary Movement (MRKA) reignited the conflict, fearing that the new military government would crackdown on the civil liberties agreed upon in the 1995 Bostonia Accords which ended the first phase of the conflict (1981–1995). As a result of the group's renewed insurgency in the San Carlos Islands, the Creeperian Armed Forces increased its presence in the department and began arresting many of the group's combatants and leaders.

Most of the MRKA's military actions were centered in the Esclaveta viceroyalty of the San Carlos Islands, where it the group is headquartered. Most of the interior of the viceroyalty's largest island, also called Esclaveta, is under the influence or direct control of the MRKA. The group is known for carrying out what are considered to be acts of terrorism against military installations and, less commonly, against civilians. The most recent attack carried out by the MRKA prior to August 2022 was the 6 March 2022 Anadesa shooting where three MRKA gunmen injured six civilians in Anadesa, the capital and largest city of Esclaveta.[2]


Arrest of Moke Maleah

Maleah in c. 2003.

On 17 August 2022, Moke Maleah, the MRKA's second-in-command, was captured by the National Intelligence Directorate (DINA) during a raid of his home in the outskirts of the Esclavetan city of Ciudad Palafox Mendoza. Sergio Tejón Galdámez, the captain general of the San Carlos Islands, officially announced Maleah's arrest at 7:45 a.m. ISC (AMT+8), and Maleah was imprisoned at the Tuxtla Martínez–Panachor Maximum Correctional Facility (TMP), considered to be the worst prison in Creeperopolis, later that day on several capital charges.[3]

In the wake of Maleah's arrest, various MRKA leaders condemned the Creeperian government and demanded the immediate release of Maleah and the government pay reparations to civilians killed and injured during his arrest.[3] MRKA leader Kahili Aolani called on the international community to put pressure on the Creeperian government to pardon and release Maleah, but no national governments took any action on Aolani's calls for international intervention. Some Native San Carlos Islanders in Esclaveta protested Maleah's arrest, but the protests were dispersed by the Creeperian government.

Cruise ship hijacking planning

According to the National Intelligence Directorate, a group of twenty-one MRKA soldiers were tasked with carrying out a major act of terrorism against Creeperian civilians in retribution for Maleah's arrest, and if possible, to take hostages to pressure the Creeperian government to release Maleah. The group was led by Kamakakoa Kekoa, who decided to hijack a civilian cruise ship and hold Creeperian civilians as hostages.

The cruise ship which was to be targeted was originally going to be the Creeperian Gold Star Line's MN Cristóbal Colón Cámarillo, however, they determined that security on the ship was too much of a threat to the attack's success. Instead, Kekoa decided to hijack the Paleocacherian Royal Voyages' MV Bacchante, as it would also be transporting Gandorians to New Gandor; the Gandorian government had supported the Creeperian government against the MRKA since 1983,[note 1] and taking Gandorians hostage as well was seen as a method to force New Gandor to withdraw support from the Creeperian government. The MV Bacchante departed the Admiral José Edmundo Salinas y Tejón Port in Cámarillo on 20 August 2022 as a part of a cruise from Montcrabe to Gjorka, with stopovers in the San Carlos Islands (Creeperopolis) and New Gandor.[4] On board the ship were 2,040 passengers and 550 crew members. Additionally, María Tejón Enríquez, a niece of Tejón Galdámez, was onboard the ship and would also be targeted as a hostage by the MRKA.[5]


At 6:05 a.m. (AMT+9) on 22 August 2022, the twenty-one MRKA soldiers began their hijacking of the ship. Soldiers disguised as crew members and as ordinary passengers revealed their smuggled Figueroa-24 rifles and forced their way into the security office, securing themselves more weapons, as only twelve rifles were able to be smuggled on board by the twenty-one soldiers. The MRKA soldiers then forced their way into the ship's bridge and held the ship's officers hostage, taking control of the ship. Nohokai Kaimana, one of the group's leaders, made a radio broadcast to port authorities in Fort Handel, New Gandor, declaring the hijacking of the ship by the MRKA and demanded to speak with José Cárdenas Luján, the Creeperian ambassador to New Gandor.[1]

Kekoa made a broadcast to Cárdenas Luján informing him of the MRKA's demands. He stated:

Relay word to the Creeperian government that we will start killing their people in twelve hours. We demand that all MKRA prisoners be released by the unlawful occupation authorities of the Nā Āina Uaoko Mākoupoe Kūpuna.[note 2] We demand that Moke Anekelea Maleah, who was abducted by the Creeperian occupation authorities, be released from his illegal imprisonment and be transported to the embassy of a neutral nation in San Salvador who will grant him asylum. Furthermore, we demand the resignation of Sergio Tejón Galdámez, or else his niece who is onboard this vessel will be shot and dumped into the ocean.
Once our demands are met we will sail into the port of New Gandor and the passengers will be released, then this ship will be granted free passage to Ajakanistan and we will be granted asylum. Any attempts made to capture the ship by Paleocacherian, Gandorian, or Creeperian authorities will be met with resistance and indiscriminate killing. You do not want to test our resolve.
— Kamakakoa Kekoa, 22 August 2022[5]

Cárdenas Luján rejected Kekoa's demands, stating that the Creeperian government does not "negotiate with terrorists".[5] Tejón Galdámez responded to Kekoa's demands by stating:

You terrorists at the MRKA have made demands such as, the unconditional release of thousands of terrorists, the unconditional release of a notorious terrorist leader responsible for the deaths of thousands of Native Islanders, Natizos, Creeperans, and foreigners, and my unconditional resignation. Firstly, no resignation will be occurring as I am in my position for life to administer these islands to further prosperity. Secondly, no terrorists will be released. By your same logic, Frente NEPOC could have demanded the immediate release of terrorists who's core ideology was the eradication of the Native Islanders. Would you agree, or disagree, that said demands are completely illogical?
You have threatened to murder hundreds to thousands of civilians for your cause of bringing terrorism to the San Carlos Islands and have given us a timeframe of 12 hours to meet your barbaric demands. How about, I give you a counteroffer in the name of negotiations and diplomacy. We give you, 11 hours, to surrender with the opportunity to be granted human rights for the remainder of your imprisonment in the Tuxtla Martínez–Panachor Maximum Correctional Facility, or, if you refuse, we can just come on board and kill all of you, and the lucky survivors get a luxury stay at the TMP five-star resort with Maleah.
And if you think killing innocent civilians will get you anywhere, remember that we have thousands of your buddies locked up awaiting execution for their crimes. Perhaps, if you go ahead and commit terrorist actions, we will go ahead and complete their sentences. The DINA and the Black Division are already coming for you, so it's probably, not probably, certainly, best for you to surrender yourselves now before you make your situation any worse.
— Sergio Tejón Galdámez, 22 August 2022[6]

Military raid

Course of the raid

Upon hearing of the hostage situation, the New Gandorian Navy dispatched the NGS Postęp aircraft carrier, the NGS Czas and NGS Ogien light cruisers, and the NGS Rzeka corvette with three New Gandorian Army squadrons onboard to the location of the ship to intervene in the situation and prevent civilian casualties.[8] Prior to the raid, Creeperian and Gandorian soldiers boarded the NGS Obfity submarine in preparation for boarding the cruise ship.

By 10:01 p.m. AMT+8, the cruise ship had travelled north and was only 54 miles southwest of Fort Handel, as the MRKA was attempting to reach Ajakanistan for asylum. A helicopter was sent with a negotiator to attempt to come to a compromise with the MRKA to release the hostages within the ship. The MRKA had taken several hostages in the VIP lounge, including Tejón Enríquez and Captain Martin DiMartino, and in the theater.

While the helicopter was attempting to negotiate with the MRKA, the NGS Obfity approached the ship along the rear port side, and the Creeperian and Gandorian forces boarded the ship with specialized ladders at 10:10 p.m. AMT+8. The soldiers swept various rooms for hostages and MRKA fighters, and the Gandorian and Creeperian forces divided themselves to focus on two locations they believed hostages would be held: the theater and the VIP lounge. Gandorian forces stormed the theater and killed all six MRKA fighters within while trying to keep civilians out of harms way, meanwhile, Creeperian forces stormed the VIP lounge, killing one MRKA fighter and capturing the other two. More civilian casualties were suffered in the VIP lounge than in the theater.

After the infiltration of the VIP lounge, MRKA fighters in the bridge were alerted to a breach of the ship by Creeperian and Gandorian forces, and shot down the helicopter after noticing a sniper within it. The MRKA fighters established themselves in defensive positions to defend the bridge, and the ship was steered at the NGS Postęp in an attempt to crash into it and sink it. Eventually, the Creeperian and Gandorian forces reunited to storm the bridge; the Creeperans attacked straight through the corridor leading to the bridge while the Gandorians flanked the MRKA through the ship's communications office. Then, Creeperian forces infiltrated the bridge, subdued the remaining MRKA fighters, and brought the ship to a stop, ending the raid and hostage crisis.[9]



"I, Major Domingo Fernando Pérez y Tassis, hereby find you guilty of terrorism, murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, waging war on the Empire, waging war on God, assault, armed robbery, battery, destruction of property, and wasting my time. For this, I hereby sentence you to death. Have fun dying how Kapahu Alana died."

Major Domingo Pérez Tassis, 22 August 2022[9]

Throughout the raid and hostage situation, a total of 21 civilians were killed and 8 more were injured. Sixteen of those killed were thrown overboard by the MRKA as their demands were not being met by the Creeperian and Gandorian governments, and the remaining five were killed by the MRKA in the VIP lounge and in the helicopter crash.

Military-wise, the Gandorians suffered twelve injuries and three deaths in action, including Lieutenant Pyeter Novlsky. The Creeperans meanwhile also suffered twelve injuries and two deaths in action. The MRKA suffered fourteen deaths and seven injuries, with the seven injured MRKA fighters being taken into custody for extradition to Creeperopolis. Among those captured was Keoka, the hijacking's leader. He was restrained and flown on a helicopter back to Fort Handel, but Major Domingo Pérez Tassis, who commanded the Creeperian forces during the raid, had Keoka thrown out of the helicopter, effectively executing him. Pérez Tassis stated that Keoka would die like Kapahu Alana, an Esclavetan leader who rebelled against Creeperian rule in the 15th century, died in 1441. The execution was video recorded.[9]

Treatment of survivors

After the raid concluded, Gandorian vessels brought medical personnel, food, and supplies, to the MV Bacchante to treat the survivors of the hijacking and subsequent raid. Wounded passengers were treated by the medical personnel, and a priest was also brought on board to pray with the survivors. The two survivors of the helicopter crash were lifted out of the ocean and brought on board to be treated for their injuries. The ship was directed towards Fort Handel to evacuate the ship, transport the injured to hospitals, and offload the dead to transport them to morgues.[9]


Nations involved


  • Alexander II, the Emperor of Creeperopolis, stated, "I fully condemn this terroristic attack and hijacking committed by the MRKA earlier today. It is unprecedented, but also not surprising, for this barbaric terrorist organization to attempt to murder 3,000 civilians for their own terroristic agendas. I send my condolences to the victims of this tragedy, and wish death upon those who support the terroristic MRKA."
  • Augusto Cabañeras Gutiérrez, the Minister of Defense and the Minister of Intelligence, stated, "May death fall upon all your MRKA warriors, for Hell is ready to welcome you to eternal damnation. I will ensure that all your friends in prison will not be having a good time for the foreseeable future, and for all you fighters still on the loose, I suggest you disappear into the sea like Kapahu Alana or face a terrible fate in Tuxtla Martínez–Panachor. We have lost 26 martyrs today, but we have also, thankfully, lost 15 subhumans, and remaining 6 will spend the rest of their useless lives in Tuxtla Martínez–Panachor with Moke Maleah."
  • Nicolás Correa Encarnación, the Minister of External Affairs, stated, "I offer my condolences to those lost on this terrible day. The Ministry of External Affairs will do everything in its effort to work with the governments of New Gandor and Paleocacher to reorganize after this disaster. I, furthermore, condemn the MRKA for their terrorist actions committed on this day, and hope the ministries of law enforcement, defense, and intelligence bring down their full weight upon this group."
  • Sergio Tejón Galdámez, the Captain General of the San Carlos Islands, stated, "I send my condolences to the families of those lost on this day, and I condemn the MRKA for their unforgivable actions committed on this day. I will ensure that more MRKA fighters will be making their way to the mainland to spend their lives in prisons for worse than this department has to offer."

Other nations


  • The Directory of Foreign Affairs released a statement following the attack, stating, "It is with great dismay that we have heard of this attack by such lowlifes, targeting innocent civilians is horrid and should not occur, as such, we hereby condemn both the communist terrorist militia that has committed such a travesty, and it's master being the communist governments of this world, we send the best of our regards to the families of the victims and our allies, and we pray that such a thing would never happen again."


  • The Administration of International Affairs released a statement following the attack, stating, "Targeting civilians with violence is never a valid tactic in political advocacy. The actions of the Kapahu Alana Revolutionary Movement are unjustified on all counts and the Serene State condemns them emphatically. We offer any support necessary to Creeperopolis and New Gandor in these times and hope to see further stability brought to the San Carlos Islands, a recognized territory of Creeperopolis, in the new future."


  • The Directory of Foreign Affairs released a statement following the attack, stating, "Rakeo has and will continue to denounce the use of terror as political tool. While we unequivocally support the right to self-rule throughout the world, the attempt to rehash long settled issues of an 'independent San Carlos Islands' through the endangering and killing of civilians is unacceptable. We offer congratulations to the brave Gandorians and Creeperans who prevented more carnage from occurring."


  • The Department of Foreign Affairs released a statement following the attack, stating, "Terranihil condemns the loss of Gandorian lives in the recent attack perpetrated by the Kapahu Alana Revolutionary Movement and commends the Gandorian military for its bravery in resolving the hostage situation. These events demonstrate the incompetence and unreliability Paleocacherian companies to ensure the safety of their patrons. Terranihil urges the Gandorian government to take action in response to the clear violation of both Gandorian and international Law by the Creeperian military. Terranihil condemns the actions of Major Domingo Pérez Tassis, the Creeperian military officer who ordered the extrajudicial execution of Kamakakoa Keoka. The killing committed over Gandorian waters was not only done prior to a trial, but was also done in a cruel and unusual manner and recorded. If Major Domingo Pérez Tassis is not indicted for this brutality, Terranihil will pursue motions in the TCN to protect the integrity of Resolution 10.


  • Prime Minister Dimitri Semenov released a statement following the attack, stating, "The recent attack made on innocent civilians by the Kapahu Alana Revolutionary Movement was an appalling act, one that not only endangered the civilians of Ostlandet Union members, but also would've threatened the lives of many if left unhindered. I, no, the Government of Zloveshchiy hopes to see that the people who were harmed, physically and mentally, recover from this event. Therefore, we will send aid to ensure their recovery. I will also commend the bravery of the New Gandorian and [Creeperian] military, for many lives would've been lost if they were not there to help them. May God watch over the people who were harmed by this tragedy."

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  1. New Gandor began supporting the Creeperian government in the San Carlos Islands crisis after the bombing of Creeperian Airlines Flight 1113 by Frente NEPOC. Although the MRKA was not involved in the bombing, New Gandor supported the Creeperian government against the MRKA regardless, as well as against Frente NEPOC and the Juan Horacio Palafox y Mendoza Revolutionary Council (CR–JHPM).
  2. Nā Āina Uaoko Mākoupoe Kūpuna is Esclavetan for "Rainy Lands of Our Ancestors"; in the Esclavetan script: ᓌ ᐘᐃᓇ ᐕᐗᐅᑱ ᒹᑯᐊᐷᐁ ᑺᐳᓇ; Esclavetan pronunciation: [naː ˈaːi.naː u.ɐˈoː.ko maːˈkoːuː.po.ɛ kuːˈpuː.nɐ].




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