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Democratic Republic of Pavulturilor

  • פבולטורילור
  • Republica Democratică Pavulturilor
of Pavulturilor
Coat of arms
  • ספרי וויכטוריי
  • spre victorie
  • (to victory)
Anthem: Pentru Victory Maine (For Victory Tomorrow)
Location of Pavulturilor in Ecros.
Location of Pavulturilor in Ecros.
Location of Pavulturilor In Terraconserva.
Location of Pavulturilor In Terraconserva.
and largest city
Official languagePavulturilori
Ethnic groups
GovernmentStratocratic Republic
Shimon Levi
Meir Cohen
LegislaturePavulturilori Parliment
4000 BC
70 BC
60 BC - 35 BC
662 AD
668 - 673
1749 - 1755
1945 - 1948
25 May 2008 – 28 November 2008
12 – 19 December 2009
12 – 13 August 2012
28 August 2012 - 11 November 2022
1 January 2023
• Total
3,820,207 km2 (1,474,990 sq mi) (6)
• 2022 estimate
63 million
GDP (nominal)2022 estimate
• Total
• Per capita
HDI (2021)0.772
high · 17
CurrencyShekel (PS)
Time zonePavulturilori timezones
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy, AC/ADc
Driving sideright
Calling code+32

Pavulturilor, officially the Democratic Republic of Pavulturilor (Pavulturilori:Republica Democratică Pavulturilor), is a nation located in the south of Ecros. It is bordered by Terranihil to the north, New Illyricum to the northwest, Dansin to the southwest, Sconia to the southeast, the Caelean Sea to the east, and the Romanyan Sea to the south. Pavultorilor's capital and largest city is Dăbuza, located at the eastern part of the country along the coast of the Caelean Sea. As of 2022, Pavulturilor has the population of 63 million, of which most are ethnic Pavulturilorians, with the second largest minority being Arabs.

As of 1 January 2023, the current Government is comprised of the Patry for National Integrity with it's head, Shimon Levi acting as the country's newly incumberment President.


Ancient times

Pre-Romanyan civilization

The Pavulturilori civilization has it's roots traced back to even before the Romanyan Empire, with the earliest archiological findings dating back to 4,000 years ago, to a civilization called the First Pavulturilori Kingdom.

Romanyan Era

when the Romanyan Empire started expanding, the First Pavulturilori Kingdom fell just like all other people who stood in it's way, it's defeat in the First pavlturilori-romanyan war turned it into a province of the empire, after which several rebellions occured, all of which were defeated and led to more restrictions on the region and it's people, and an eventual exile of some of the pupulation to other parts of the empire.

Middle Ages

Rise of the Second Pavulturilori Kingdom

with the decline and eventual downfall of the Mutadinun Caliphate, a new Pavulturilori Kingdom was established under the Melekh Dynasty, and shortly after it's foundation, started Expanding in all directions, at the hight of it's power, the Kingdom of Pavulturilor had it's modern borders to the west and as far as Tumland to the east, with the north largely staying the same but without parts of Alaia.

The modern era

The year 1595 is often marked as the start of the modern era of pavulturilor with the end of the colonialization of the south-eastern peninsula, the modern era is diveded into two periods, early-modern, starting in 1595 and ending in 1749, also called the Peaceful Era of Pavulturilor, due to it's lack of any major conflict, and modern, begining in 1749 with the Pavulturilori Folkon War and lasting until today.

early-modern times

laregely uneventful, the Peaceful Era of Pavulturilor is remarked for it's lack in conflict and prosperity

modern history

20th Century

After eyeing Alaia for a while, Pavulturilor declared war on Terranihil on 7 of December, 1945, thought not managing to annex the whole region, the partial success was the cause of more border conflicts with Terranihil.

21st Century
The Bloody Week

in a seires of coordinated terror attacks, the Pavulturilori People's Army has managed to assassinate most of the nobles in Pavulturilor since 12 until 19 of 2009, their intentions will be fully completed several years afterwards, in The Midnight Affairs.

The Midnight Affairs

With the evergrowing threat of a communist uprising being ignored and dismissed by the Government, the result was that on the night of 12 August 2012, the Royal Palace was stormed by the Pavulturilori People's Army, and the death of the entire royal family, following this day, Marshal Meir Choen exiled the remains of the Pavulturilori Royal Court, and proclaimed the Provisonal Authority of Pavulturilor.

Dubătemir Regional Insurgency

Following the Pavulturilori People's Army unseccussful coup, it moved most of it's forces to the Dubătemir Region to stage an insurgency lasting for 10 years.


Pavulturilor's Name roughly translates to "Land of the Eagles", which are very prevelant in Pavulturilori Folklore and myths.


Pavulturilor has the area of 3820207 km2 (1474990 mi2), making it the sixth largest nation in all of Terraconserva, and the third largest in Ecros.

It's northern coast consists of a semi-arid platou, and the southern coast consisting largely of jungles, along with a high platou in it's eastern part due to the


Pavulturilor's climate is vast and diverse, ranging from arid to tropical and even snowy in some areas, the jungles are lush and get as much as 7,000mm of rain per year, tepmperatures in pavulturilor can range from 30°C to 20°C in most areas, as much as 45°C in the north of the country, and as little as 5°C in the mountains.


The wildlife of Pavulturilor is composed of many species, including lions, leoperds, tigers, bears, wolves, foxes, eagles, vultures, falcons, hawks, gazells, cows, camels, and many more. Pavulturilor's national animal is the Pavulturilori Eagle, which is considered a protected animal by the government despite not being endangered, poaching any protected animal in pavulturilor is punishable by death.





Pavulturilori General Elections

The Current government system of pavulturilor is a general voting franchise, meaning that every vote is counted, of the 1,100 seats of the Pavulturilori Parliament, 882 seats are dominated by the PIN Party, which's ideology is Cohenism, with it's party head, Shimon Levi also serving as the country's first elected President.

Commissaraites of Pavulturilor

Pavulturilor is Devided into 6 Commisariates, those are Călănasea, Dăbuza, Strechia, Zărnecuta, and Zamăești.

Each High Commissar is elected by the Marshal of Pavulturilor to govern their respective commissariate.


Pavulturilor is a member state of CODECO, along with that, it good ties to some nations in Ostlandet Including but not limited to Akvarelusus, Baltanla, New Gandor, and Paleocacher.

It takes an offensive stance against all Communist Countries, alongside with most nations in ACES save for Eleutherios


The National Armed Forces of Pavulturilor are the main fighting force of pavulturilor, it is devided into 4 branches, Army, Navy, Air Force, ands the SNS, which is the intelligance service, every male and female who reach the age of 18 are conscripted for a 2 year period (unless a physical/pcycological condition prevents them from service), due to the 10 year long military rule, the country's military in exeptional condition and deemed by some as "dispropotionally Large" reletive to the country's population, the annual military budget takes 25% of the country's total annual budget.


(WIP) The Pavulturilori Economy is a mostly open market with minimal state interferance, it is laregly reliant on exporting Salt and Arms, as of today, Pavulturilor is one of the laregest arms exporters on Terraconserva, with many world-wide costumers.



Law and Order

Pavulturilori Law enforcement are divided into 3 main bodies, the National Police, the Commissars, and occassionally, the SNS


The main law enforcing body in Pavulturilor, the National Police is responisble for most major crime-fighting in Pavulturilor.


The Commissariate of Political Correctness is a political police force with a level of judicial authority that allows the conviction of suspects in certain circumstances.


The SNS, also known as the National Security Service has 2 main divisions, homeland defense, and foreign activities, homeland defense in the main body in charge of countering terror attacks and organizations