Moke Maleah

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Moke Maleah
Maleah in the early-2000s.
Maleah in the early-2000s.
Native name
ᒦᑫ ᐊᓅᑫᓬᐙ ᒩᓬᐙᐦ
Birth nameMoke Anekelea Maleah
Nickname(s)Ka Kahiko (The Old One)
BornMay 1962 (age 61)
Central Esclaveta, San Carlos Islands, Creeperopolis
Allegiance Kapahu Alana Revolutionary Movement
Years of service1981–1995, 2003–present
RankLunakaua (commander)
Battles/warsSan Carlos Islands Crisis (POW)
Children5 (alleged)
Prisoner in TMP
Personal details
Affiliations Kapahu Alana Revolutionary Movement
Imprisoned17 August 2022
Convicted of
  • Waging on the Empire
  • Waging war on God
  • Sedition
  • Treason
  • Terrorism
Sentence370,000 years
Prisoner typePrisoner-of-war, political prisoner

Moke Anekelea Maleah (Esclavetan: ᒦᑫ ᐊᓅᑫᓬᐙ ᒩᓬᐙᐦ; born May 1962), also known as Ka Kahiko (ᑿ ᑲᐦᐄᑱ; meaning "The Old One"), is a former Esclavetan rebel commander of the Kapahu Alana Revolutionary Movement (MRKA). Maleah fought as a soldier for the MRKA during the first phase of the San Carlos Islands Crisis between 1981 and 1995, and has been a leading commander of the group since the conflict's renewal in 2003. He was generally considered to be the second-in-command of the MRKA, after Kahili Aolani, from 2003 until his capture in 2022.

Early life

Moke Anekelea Maleah was born in May 1962 to Esclavetan parents. His birth occurred in the central region of Esclaveta, a municipality of the San Carlos Islands department of Creeperopolis. Some have attributed his birthplace to Pensacola, but there is no definitive evidence to support the claim. As a full-Esclavetan, he was raised into a community which held Esclavetan customs, traditions, and cultures.

Life as a soldier

Sometime in 1981, with the beginning the San Carlos Islands Crisis, the nineteen-year-old Maleah joined the far-left and separatist Kapahu Alana Revolutionary Movement (MRKA) to fight for the independence of Esclaveta. It is unknown if he willing joined the group or was forced to join, but regardless, he began to develop anti-Creeperian views and became an Esclavetan nationalist. According to Maleah himself, he has killed "at least 24 or 25 army soldiers" and was involved in sabotage operations against the army. He was wounded during one such operation in September 1986 but managed to make a full recovery. In March 1995, with the end of the conflict, Maleah was given amnesty as a part of the agreement between the government and MRKA.

Commander of the MRKA

Despite the agreement granting Esclaveta greater autonomy, he and other former MRKA fighters believed that the agreement was not enough, and the full independence was the only acceptable outcome. Following the 2003 Creeperian coup d'état, several former-MRKA leaders and fighters were spooked by the events and believed the new government would reverse the terms of agreement, and so, August 2003, Maleah joined a group of former-MRKA fighters in reestablishing the MRKA. He became a commanding figure of the renewed MRKA, and in 2010, he became the group's second-in-command.

Legal troubles

During the first phase of the conflict, despite the fact that no formal arrest warrant was ever issued for Maleah's arrest, he was de facto a wanted fugitive for his involvement with the MRKA. His status as a fugitive was absolved with the agreement with ended the first phase, which granted all fighters of the MRKA amnesty. In June 2000, Maleah was arrested on suspicions of being involved in the murder of José Duarte Herrera, the mayor of Anadesa, but he was released two weeks later as it was determined that Duarte Herrera was murdered by an ex-combatant of Frente NEPOC.

In August 2003, as he became one of the leaders of the renewed MRKA, the Creeperian government formally issued a warrant ordering Maleah's arrest. He was charged with waging on the Empire, waging war on God, sedition, treason, and terrorism, all of which are capital crimes in Creeperopolis.

Maleah was captured by the National Intelligence Directorate (DINA) on 17 August 2022 and is currently imprisoned at the Tuxtla Martínez–Panachor Maximum Correctional Facility (TMP).[1]

Personal life

Little is known about Maleah's personal life. He alleged to have fathered five children.

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