Quebecshire City

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Quebecshire City
National Capital
Government Area of Quebecshire City
Government Area of Quebecshire City
Flag of Quebecshire City
Official seal of Quebecshire City
“Coeur de la nation” (En. “Heart of the Nation”)
Settled321 C.E.
Incorporated1624 C.E.
Founded byUnknown
Named forQuebecshire
 • TypeMetropolitan
 • PremierMaéva Bourque (PR)
98 m (322 ft)
 • Total39 million
 • Rank1st
Time zoneAMT+1 (QST)
Area code(s)001

Quebecshire City (Quebecshirite: Ville du Quebecshire) is the capital city of Quebecshire and the most populous in the nation. It sits inside the Bay of Bostonia. The metropolitan area of the city has a population of roughly 39,000,000 and is home to many government buildings, business locations, and trading areas.

Quebecshire City also includes the building which hosts the Parliament of Quebecshire when they are in session, as well as the High Council of Quebecshire’s meeting location. The Grandmaster and Speaker of the Parliament of Quebecshire also hold residency within the city. In early history it was the site of several small-scale conflicts in the fourth-century C.E., and it was also the de-facto capital of the Monarchist faction in the Quebecshirite Civil War. Today it is a large city with a beautiful landscape, respected as one of the best in the world.