Kapahu Alana Revolutionary Movement

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Kapahu Alana Revolutionary Movement
ᑳᐸᑲᐁᑲ ᑌᓭᐁᒳ'ᐅᑿᐁ' ᑲᐸᐓ ᐚᐘᓇ
Movimiento Revolucionario de Kapahu Alana
Participant in the San Carlos Islands Crisis
MRKA flag.png
Active1981–1995, 2003–present
IdeologyEsclavetan separatism
Esclavetan nationalism
Political positionFar-left
Motive(s)Independence of Esclaveta
Founding leaderKapuni Halia 
CommanderKahili Aolani
Size~4,000 (1980s)
500–750 (2013)
ColoursRed and white
Allies Ajakanistan (formerly)
CR-JHPM (formerly)
CLO (formerly)
M–12–O (formerly)
MISC (formerly)
FAR-NP (formerly)
Opponent(s) Creeperopolis
 New Gandor
Frente NEPOC (formerly)
Battles and war(s)San Carlos Islands Crisis
Designated as a terrorist organisation by
 El Salvador

The Kapahu Alana Revolutionary Movement (Creeperian – Iberic: Movimiento Revolucionario de Kapahu Alana; abbreviated as MRKA; Esclavetan: ᑳᐸᑲᐁᑲ ᑌᓭᐁᒳ'ᐅᑿᐁ' ᑲᐸᐓ ᐚᐘᓇ, Kwakek Tselh'ukè' Kapahu Alana) is a militant group established in 1981 and reestablished in 2003 as a separatist movement on the island of Esclaveta in the San Carlos Islands, a department of Creeperopolis. The group is composed of mostly Natives or Native-mixed peoples who denounce the historical actions of Creeperian colonizers on the island of Esclaveta, which itself means "Place of the Slaves" since it is where the Captaincy General of the San Carlos Islands kidnapped most of its slaves from.

The group has adopted a communist/socialist ideology in opposition to Creeperian rule and Romerism. It is named after Kapahu Alana, a Native leader of the Great Revolt of Esclaveta from 1440 until his disappearance in 1441.

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