First Minister of Salisford

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First Minister of the Kingdom of Salisford
Salisfordian: Primo Ministro del Regno di Salforto
Govone cropped.jpg
Pietro Govone

since 10 March 2016
StyleHis Excellency
Member ofCabinet of Salisford
Privy Council of Salisford
AppointerMonarch of Salisford
Term lengthno fixed term length
Inaugural holderGiuseppe di Maestro, conte di Torino
Formation1 June 1800; 224 years ago (1800-06-01)

The First Minister of the Kingdom of Salisford (commonly called the First Minsiter of Salisford) is the head of government of the Kingdom of Salisford. The office of first minister is established by articles 65–67 of the Statuto dello Stato; the First Minister is appointed by the Monarch of Salisford and must have the confidence of the Parliament to stay in office.

Since the establishment of the Nerist regime in 1950, the position has been transformed into the dictatorial position of Head of the Government and head of the Catholic Labor Front (FdLC), originally held by Sancro Neri, Duce of Nerism, who officially governed on the behalf of the King of Salisford. Since Neri's death in 1968, the post of first minister has been held by successive Chairmen of the FdLC. Nerist first ministers rule as de facto dictators through their control of the FdLC, which holds a legal monopoly on government power in Salisford.

Pietro Govone is the incumbent prime minister since 10 March 2016.


List of First Ministers

Portrait Prime Minister
Term of office & mandate
Duration in years and days
Party Monarch
1 Giuseppe di Maestro, conte di Torino Conte
Giuseppe di Maestro

6 June
25 February
Conservative Party Carlo I
Carlo I
5 years and 0 days
2 Bernardo Funes Luque His Excellency
Bernardo Funes Luque

8 March
8 March
Conservative Party
10 years and 0 days
3 Camilo Funes Luque His Excellency
Camilo Funes Luque

8 March
8 March
Conservative Party
10 years and 0 days Carlos I
Carlos I

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