Salisfordian language

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Salisford Flag.png
Flag of Salisford
Native toSalisford Flag.png Salisford
Native speakers
~95 million (2019)
  • Iberic
    • Romanyan Iberic
      • Vulgar Iberic
        • Savottan
          • Salisfordian
Standard forms
Ayeroshubic (Salisfordian Alphabet)
Official status
Official language in
Regulated byThe Royal Council for the Salisfordian Language
Il Consiglio Reale per la Lingua Salfortano
Language codes
ISO 639-1sf
ISO 639-2slf
ISO 639-3slf

The Salisfordian language (Salisfordian: Lingua Salfortano) is a Iberic language spoken by the Salisfordian people. It is the national language of Salisford. Salisfordian is a descendant of Iberic and cognates can be found between Salisfordian and the other Iberic languages.


Language and dialects

It is also a co-official language of Reykanes. Many speakers of Salisfordian are native bilinguals of both Salisfordian and the native language that originates from there. Salisfordian is well known in Reykanes due to the colonial ties between the two countries. It is taught in schools

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