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Salisfordian People
Salisford Flag.png
Total population
c. 78,000,000[a]
Regions with significant populations
Salisford Flag.png c. 74,200,000
Global Diasphorac. 3,800,000
Predominantly Salforti Catholicism

a The total figure is merely an estimation; sum of all the referenced populations.

Salisfordians (Salisfordian: Salfortani) are a nation and ethnic group native to Salisford who speak Salisfordian, an Ayeroshubic language. Salisfordians make up around 92% of the population of Salisford, and ethnic Salisfordians can be found globally.

Scholars and historians have noted that there are three distinct cultural groups in Salisford, the Savottans, the Galleci, and the Norani, each with their own separte histories and differences. However, despite this, the three groups are commonly lumped together under the umbrella term Salisfordian.


The Savottans are the largest ethnic group within Salisford. Their genetic and cultural history can be tied to that of the Romanyan Empire, and many are the descendants of the Romanyan settlers or the assimilated tribes which inhabited the Romanyan province which was established in what is now present-day northern Salisford.


Descendants of the Arab invasions of the middle ages. Very close genetically to the Savottans, except they are predominantly Muslim.

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