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Military Intelligence and Security Service
Servizio di Intelligence e Sicurezza Militare
The SISM coat of arms
Agency overview
Formed21 March 1973
JurisdictionGovernment of Salisford
Minister responsible
Agency executive

The Servizio di Intelligence e Sicurezza Militare (abbreviated SISM, Military Intelligence and Security Service) is the main security agency for Salisford. It is responsible for carrying out internal security, foreign intelligence, counter-intelligence and secret-police functions. The SISM is headed by General Bruno Abbruto, who answers to Nazzareno Rossi (the current Minister for the Interior).

The agency is primarily staffed by members of the Royal Salisfordian Armed Forces, however, the agency is also known to sometimes enlist members of the Black Brigades or qualified/trusted civilians.



SISM is responsible for the intelligence and security activities of Salisford and the integrity of the Salisfordian State and Crown.

SISM reports to the Ministry of the Interior, which is run by the Minister of the Interior. The Ministry of the Interior supervises SISM's activities and appoints its directors.


  • Office of the Director
  • Administration
  • Public Relations
  • Sezione 1 (External Intelligence)
  • Sezione 2 (Counter-Intelligence)
  • Sezione 3 (Military Counter-Intelligence)
  • Sezione 4 (Political police)
  • Sezione 5 (External Surveillance)
  • Sezione 6 (Cryptography)
  • Sezione 7 (Inventory and Archives)
  • Sezione 8 (ELINT)
  • Sezione 9 (Protection of VIPs)
  • Sezione 10 (Cybersecurity)
  • Sezione "R" (Protection of the royal order)
  • Sezione "CO" (Combatting organized crime)
  • Sezione "OS" (Special operations)
  • Analytical Section
  • Inspection Section
  • Technical Section
  • Personnel Section
  • Supply Section
  • Financial Section
  • Legal Section



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