Corpo della Gendarmeria Reale

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Royal Gendarmerie Corps
Corpo della Gendarmeria Reale
Patch of the Royal Gendarmerie Corps
Coat of arms of the Carabinieri.svg
Heraldic symbol of the Gendarmeria
Badge of the Royal Gendarmerie Corps
Flag of the Royal Gendarmerie Corps
Agency overview
FormedApril 4, 1800
Jurisdictional structure
National agencySalisford
Operations jurisdictionSalisford
General nature
Sworn members125,000 officers
Agency executive
Parent agencyMinstry of Defence
  • April 4, Gendarmeria Day

The Corpo della Gendarmeria Reale (en. "Royal Gendarmerie Corps"), commonly called the Gendarmeria Reale, is the national gendarmerie of Salisford who primarily carry out domestic policing duties. It is one of two of Salisford's main national law enforcement agencies, the other being the Polizia Reale. In contrast to the Polizia Reale who are a civilian force, the Gendarmeria Reale are a military force. As the fourth branch of the Royal Salisfordian Armed Forces, they fall under the Ministry of Defence. In practice, there is a significant overlap between the jurisdiction of the Polizia Reale and the Gendarmeria Reale. However, the Gendarmeria Reale also has the responsibility for policing the military and it is common for members of the Gendarmeria to participate in overseas military missions

Gendarmes have policing powers that can be exercised at any time and in any part of the country, and they are always permitted to carry their assigned weapon as personal equipment.



Founded in 1800 after the end of the Salisfordian Counterrevolution, the Gendarmeria Reale was formed with the express purpose of preventing civil unrest, protecting the Crown, and enforcing the King's Peace. Over time, the Gendarmeria Reale would develop into its current form as a modern law enforcement agency.

Civil War

The Gendarmeria Reale would play a major role in the lead-up to the Salisfordian Civil War. In the intervening period between the assassination of Maria III and the outbreak of hostilities, the Gendarmeria was responsible for many government raids and pre-emptive action performed against anti-government groups. Therefore, it is arguable that the Gendarmeria Reale was the first military unit who would see action in the Salisfordian Civil War. After the outbreak of violence and the rise of the Fronte Nazionale and the Unione Popolare, the Gendarmeria would remian mostly loyal to the monarchy. However, some notable units would defect to opposing forces. Such as the 21st Battalion, who would join the Fronte Nazionale and would become the infamous "Battaglione Nero".

Present Day

After the end of the Civil War, the Gendarmeria Reale would be re-established to its pre-war status.


Officially, the Corps is headed by the Minister of Justice of Salisford. However, the organization is nominally headed by an appointed Commandante. The Commandante is assisted by a Vice-Commandante and a Chief of Staff and they are based in Savotta.

Provincial Organization

The majority of the Gendarmeria is organized on a provincial basis and are assigned to law-enforcement duties. These provincial units are commanded by a Questor who runs the provincial Gendarmeria in accord with the Royal Governor.


Rank structure

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