Royal Council of Salisford

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The Royal Council of Salisford is an advisory body made up of the highest ranking ministers and servants of the King of Salisford as well as important people in the realm. Officially, there is one Royal Council, but it is common for Salisfordian monarchs to invite only the members who have reason to be there (i.e. the Marshal of Salisford on a war council, or the Chancellor of the Royal Bank on when an economic decision is being discussed.)

Great Officers of the Realm

Position Officer Current officers Description
1 First Minister Vacant The First Minister of Salisford is the King's most trusted and able advisor, who assists him in running all parts of the realm.

Lesser Officers of the Realm

The Royal Council is also made up of lesser officers, lower-ranking bureaucrats, and notable people nominated to the council. Their numbers include:

  • Keeper of the Royal Seal
  • The General Staff
  • The Admiralty
  • The Air Staff
  • Representatives from the Provinces
  • Representatives from each Diocese
  • Lord High Accountant
  • Chancellor of the Royal Bank
  • Finance Ministers
  • Commerce Ministers
  • Treasurers
  • Postmaster General
  • Director-General of Buildings
  • Director-General of the Crown Lands
  • Archbishop of Savotta (currently double-hatted with Primate of Salisford)
  • Royal Confessor