Savotta (Romanyan province)

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Savotta Provincia
160 BC–546 AD
Province of Savotta.png
Territory administrated by the Province of Savotta, circa 100 BC.
Historical eraAntiquity
• Established
160 BC
• Disestablished
546 AD
Succeeded by
Savottan Empire
Today part ofSalisford

Savotta was an ancient Romanyan province located in the northwest of Sur, roughly corresponding to the modern northern territories of Salisford, including its northern coastline, parts of the Salisfordian central highlands, and western plain.

Historical background

Pre-Italic Savotta

Settlement by Italics

Classical Egittan Civilization

Unification of the Egittan Republic

First Egittan War

Conquest in the Second Egittan War

Romanyan province

Capital of the South

Military presence

Notable Savottans

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