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The logo of Dice!
Front page of Dice! on 1 August 2021.
The "Popular Posts" page of Dice! on 1 August 2021.
Type of site
Internet forum
Available in3 languages
Country of origin Creeperopolis
Key people
  • Michel Detti
  • José Peralta Serrano
  • (co-owners)
Employees2 (the owners)
RegistrationRequired to post
Users14 million (December 2020)
Launched20 June 2004; 19 years ago (2004-06-20)
Current statusActive

Dice! (Salisfordian: Como si Dice!; CreeperianCreeperian: ¡Ծոմո սե Դիծե!; Creeperian – Iberic: ¡Como se Dice!; translated in Jackian as: What do you Say!) is a Creeperian and Salisfordian internet forum. The website was launched in June 2004 by Michel Detti and José Peralta Serrano and hosts forums dedicated to a variety of topics, most notably current events, politics, and sports.

Dice! is considered to be one of the largest social media websites in Sur, having over 14 million members as of December 2020 and with more than 800,000 posts made per day. Dice! has been described as having an influential role in internet subculture, promoting various internet memes such as Soldado (or Soldato), as well as political movements such as the Creeperian Initiative and the Catholic Labor Front, which are both described as far-right.

The website is a source of many controversies including threats of violence, rampant anti-Ecrosian racism, alleged coordination of organized crime, and the posting of illegal content. The website has come under criticism for the allowing of such content on its platform with a seemingly ignorant or tolerant moderation policy towards such content.

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  1. The website currently only supports the Iberic script for Creeperian in the interface, however, posts can be made using both the Iberic and Creeperian scripts.