1907 Creeperian general election

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1907 Creeperian general election

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All 230 seats of the Parliament
116 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
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Leader Antonio Sáenz Heredia Inhué Ordóñez Yepes Édgar Cazalla Beldad
Party Catholic Royalist National Liberal Socialist
Alliance CCC CSP CSP
Leader's seat Ciudad Nuevo Xichútepa San Miguel del Sur Puerto Senvar
Last election 89 91 14
Seats won 93 90 21
Seat change Increase 4 Decrease 1 Increase 7
Popular vote 2,045,803 1,899,750 1,094,855
Percentage 32.71% 30.38% 17.51%

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
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Jose Rosales.png
Leader Macos Espiga Mina Joel Lacasa Campos José Rosales Rivera
Party National Conservative Social Communist National Democratic
Alliance CCC CSP CSP
Leader's seat Aguilares Sechakan Yusjaras
Last election 34 1 0
Seats won 19 4 1
Seat change Decrease 15 Increase 3 Increase 1
Popular vote 899,002 98,055 67,943
Percentage 14.37% 1.57% 1.09%

Prime Minister before election

Antonio Sáenz Heredia
Catholic Royalist Party

Elected Prime Minister

Inhué Ordóñez Yepes
National Liberal Party

A general election was held in Creeperopolis on 1 October 1907 with voters electing a Prime Minister.


V Parliament of Creeperopolis (elected).svg
Catholic Royalist Party2,045,80332.7193+4
National Liberal Party1,899,75030.3890–1
Creeperian Socialist Party1,094,85517.5121+7
National Conservative Party899,00214.3719–15
Creeperian Social Communist Party98,0551.574+3
Renovated Conservative Party102,8501.641New
National Democratic Party67,9431.091+1
Senvarian Autonomous Party10,2020.1600
Party of Southern Autonomy1,0390.0200
Registered voters/turnout8,038,013
Source: Supreme Electoral Court

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