First Parliamentary Era

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Kingdom of Creeperopolis

Reino de Creeperópolis
Motto: A Encontrar la'Paz y la'Justicia
CapitalSalvador (until 1729)
Adolfosburg (from 1729)
Common languagesCreeperian Spanish
None official
Creeperian Catholicism (dominant)
Demonym(s)Creeperian, Creeperans
GovernmentParliamentary constitutional monarchy
• 1565–1587
Alfonso III (first)
• 1770–1771
Manuel III (last)
Prime Minister 
• 1565–1560
Alfonso Moreno Salinas (first)
• 1770–1771
Fernando Moreno Juderías (last)
Historical eraFirst Parliamentary Era
• Established
8 March 1565
13 August 1729 –
7 September 1741
• Disestablished
4 July 1771
• 1770
CurrencyCreeperian Peso
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Kingdom of Creeperopolis
Kingdom of Creeperopolis
Today part of Creeperopolis

The Kingdom of Creeperopolis (Creeperian Spanish: Reino de Creeperópolis), more commonly referred to as the First Parliamentary Era (Creeperian Spanish: Primera Era Parliamentaria), was the government of Creeperopolis from 1565 to 1771. On 8 March 1565, a Parliament was established after the 1565 general election and was abolished on 4 July 1771 following the Revolution of Revolution by King Manuel III.

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