Abortion in Creeperopolis

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Abortion in Creeperopolis is illegal. The law bans all abortions with no exceptions.

History of Creeperian Abortion Law

The 1778 Creeperian Constitution contained no explicit exception to its prohibition of abortion, although, under accepted principles of criminal law, one could be justified if necessary to preserve the life of the pregnant woman.

Under the 1833 Creeperian Constitution, an abortion could be legally allowed under only two major conditions: if the pregnant woman's life was endangered and abortion was the only means to preserve it or if her pregnancy had resulted from rape or statutory rape. An abortion caused on part of the woman's negligence was exempted from prosecution, and the government also provided reduced penalties for a woman of good standing if she had consented to an illegal abortion, or self-induced one, in the interest of protecting her reputation.

However, an amendment was made in 1839 which banned all abortions with no exceptions:

Title V, Chapter I, Section I, Article XXVII "Abortion in the Empire is the most capital crime in the nation. There is a zero tolerance policy on all abortions for any reason due to Title I, Chapter I, Section I, Article I of this Constitution."

Title V, Chapter I, Section I, Article XXVIII All individuals who preform an abortion shall be hanged. All individuals who receive an abortion shall be hanged.

Continued Practices

Modern practices of abortion are rare, but when they do happen, Title V, Chapter I is enforced to its full extent.