Imperial Crown of Creeperopolis

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Imperial Crown
The Imperial Crown on display.
The Imperial Crown on display.
Heraldic depictions
Creeperian crown.png
Country Creeperopolis
OwnerCreeperian royal family
Weight5.3 lbs (84.8 oz; 2.4 kg)
CapWhite velvet
Notable stones48 diamonds, 24 emeralds, 24 pearls, 24 rubies

The Imperial Crown (Creeperian – Creeperian: Ծորոնա Իմպերիալ; Creeperian – Iberic: Corona Imperial), also known as the Triple Crown or the Blessed Crown of Romero II, is one of the crown jewels of Creeperopolis and symbolizes the sovereignty and power of the emperor of Creeperopolis. The crown was created in 1952 for Emperor Romero II, replacing the Holy Crown which had been used since 1835.

The crown closely resembles the design of the Papal Crown, the crown used by the sovereign of the State of the Church. It consists of three nearly identical golden crowns held together by a white velvet core, two white and gold lappets, and topped by a golden cross at the top. Each crown represents one of three kingdoms which merged following the Creeperian Civil War in 1949: Creeperopolis (top crown), Castilliano (middle crown), and Atlántida (bottom crown).

The Imperial Crown is one of the most well-known symbols of Creeperopolis. It is depicted on the country's flag and coat of arms, as well as various other logos and symbols. Due to its large size and weight, the crown is typically only used during the coronation of a Creeperian emperor, during military parades, and during other important events.

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