Alfonso I of Creeperopolis

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Alfonso I
King of the Creeperans
Rey Alfonso I.png
Rey Alfonso I (1870) by Evelio Serrano Rodríguez
1st King of Creeperopolis
Reign8 February 1231 – 3 July 1264
Coronation15 September 1231
PredecessorMonarchy established
SuccessorAlfonso II
1st Holy Protector of the State of the Church
Reign19 July 1258 – 3 July 1264
PredecessorMonarchy established
SuccessorAlfonso II
SovereignGregorio IX (1231–1241)
Celestino IV (1241)
Innocento IV (1241–1254)
Alexander IV (1254–1261)
Urbano IV (1261–1264)
20th Emir of Rabadsun
Reign8 March 1230 – 8 February 1231
PredecessorRudulifu VII
SuccessorMonarchy abolished
CaliphSulayman II (1230–1231)
Sulayman III (1231)
BornAlfawnasu Filibi Martiniz Amara
Rabadsun, Emirate of Rabadsun
Died3 July 1264(1264-07-03) (aged 73–74)
Idku, Caliphate of Deltino
ConsortInmaculada Sánchez González
IssueAlfonso II
Salvador I
Manuel I
Full name
Alfonso I Felipe Martínez de Santos y Amara de al-Madiq
HouseHouse of Martínez–Pelayo
FatherRudulifu VII
MotherBilanka Amara al-Madiq
ReligionCreeperian Catholicism

Alfonso I of Creeperopolis (full name: Alfonso I Felipe Martínez de Santos y Amara de al-Madiq; Creeperian: Ալֆոնսո Ի Ֆելիպե Մարտձնեզ դե Սանտոս յ Ամարա դե ալ-Մադիք; Deltinian: ألفونسو الأول فيليب مارتينيز دي ساعمارةس إي ساليناس دي المضيق; transliterated as: alfawnasu al'awal filibi martiniz di santus 'ii amara di almadiq; 1190 – 3 July 1264), also known as Alfawnasu III of Rabadsun (Deltinian: الفوناسو الثالث من ربدسون; transliterated as: alfawnasu althaalith min ribdsun), and commonly referred to as Alfonso the Great and Alfonso the Saint, was the first King of Creeperopolis, under the title of King of the Creeperans, from 1231 until his death in 1264. He established the modern-state of Creeperopolis on 8 February 1231 and began the Creeperian Crusade against the Caliphate of Deltino, which lasted until 1345.

Alfonso I was born as Alfawnasu Filibi Martiniz Amara in the Emirate of Rabadsun, then a client state of the Caliphate of Deltino. He became Emirate of Rabadsun as Alfawnasu III on 8 March 1320 following the death of his father, Rudulifu VII (Rodolfo VII), and ruled as a client ruler to Caliph Sulayman II. Upon the Caliph's death in 1231, the appointment of his successor, Sulayman III, and his proclamation of the One-Religion Decree, Alfawnasu III and the Creeperian Catholic Church held the Second Council of Rabadsun and declared complete independence for the Emirate of Rabadsun on 8 February 1231, renaming the state as the Kingdom of Creeperopolis, beginning the Creeperian Crusade.

After victory in the Creeperian War of Independence in 1232, securing the existence of the kingdom, Alfonso I continued the crusade and expansion of the kingdom through the Monarch's Crusade of 1235 to 1239, Alfonso's War of 1247 to 1253, and Alfonso I's final campaign of 1256 to 1264. During the three campaigns he commanded, Alfonso I expanded Creeperopolis' territory west and south into Deltinian-held territories, securing several victories against the Deltinians. Alfonso I died during his final campaign after the Third Siege of Idku on 3 July 1264.

During his campaigns of the Creeperian Crusade, hundreds of thousands to millions of people died, either via direct combat or through massacre. Alfonso I himself ordered several massacres of Deltinians and Muslims, most infamously the Sohaq Massacre and the Idku Massacre. As a result of the massacres he was involved in, he is a controversial figure among non-Creeperian historians, however, he is praised by Creeperian academia, which states that the massacres were "justified" and "just a part of medieval warfare." Alfonso I was canonized as a Saint by the Creeperian Catholic Church on 8 February 1265 by Pope Clemento IV.

Early life

Alfawnasu Filibi Martiniz Amara was born in Rabadsun, the capital city of the Emirate of Rabadsun, in the year 1190. His father was Rudulifu VII, the then Emir of Rabadsun, and his mother was Bilanka Amara al-Madiq. At the time, Rabadsun was a client state of the larger Caliphate of Deltino and has been since 745AD after the Deltinian victory against the Kingdom of Creeperia in the Deltinian–Creeperian War.

Emir of Rabadsun

King of the Creeperans and the Creeperian Crusade

Creeperian War of Independence

Monarch's Crusade

Alfonso's War

Alfonso's final campaign



Alfonso I married Inmaculada Sánchez González, the niece of Castillianan King Sancho I, in 1229. They had thirteen children. They had six sons and seven daughters, however, very little information is known about his seven daughters and very little is known about Alfonso I's two youngest sons.


Saint King of the Creeperans

Alfonso I
Estatua del Cid (Burgos).jpg
Equestrian statue of Alfonso I
King of the Creeperans
BornAlfawnasu Filibi Martiniz Amara
Rabadsun, Emirate of Rabadsun
Died3 July 1264(1264-07-03) (aged 73–74)
Idku, Caliphate of Deltino
Venerated inCreeperian Catholicism
Canonized8 February 1265, Salvador Palace, Salvador, Creeperopolis by Clemento IV
Major shrineCathedral of Alfonso I
Feast8 February, 15 September
AttributesImperial Crown of Creeperopolis, sword, spear, olive branch
PatronageCreeperopolis, Creeperans, Creeperian Catholics, Sur, soldiers, martyrs, armies, oppressed peoples
ControversySainthood and controversies
InfluencesFelipe I, Fidel II
InfluencedCarlos Martínez Sánchez, Miguel I, Romero I


Massacres ordered during the Creeperian Crusade

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