Fidel II of Creeperopolis

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Fidel II
King of the Creeperans
Alfonso V of León.jpg
A 14th century depiction of Fidel II.
12th King of Creeperopolis
Reign4 June 732AD – 1 or 11 July 745AD
Coronation15 September 732AD
PredecessorFidel I
SuccessorRealm abolished
(Rudulifu I as Emir of Rabadsun)
BornFidel Armando
c. 694AD
Yerkink, Creeperopolis
Died1 or 11 July 745AD (aged 50–51)
Yerkink, Creeperopolis
IssuePrince Vicente
HouseHouse of Amara
FatherFidel I of Creeperopolis
ReligionCreeperian Catholicism

Fidel II of Creeperopolis (Xichútepan: Ֆիդել Երկրորդ; c. 694AD – 1 or 11 July 745AD) was the final ruler of the Kingdom of Creeperia, reigning from 732AD until his death during the Siege of Yerkink in 745AD. His death subsequently lead to the Deltinian conquest of Creeperopolis and the establishment of the Emirate of Rabadsun, a Deltinian client state ruled by descendants of Fidel II's brother younger Rodolfo.

Fidel II of Creeperopolis
Born: 4 June 732AD Died: 1 or 11 July 745AD
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Fidel I
King of Creeperopolis
732AD – 745AD
Realm abolished