San Pedro (department)

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San Pedro
Capital of San Pedro.
Capital of San Pedro.
Flag of San Pedro
Official seal of San Pedro
Nuestro San Pedro
(Our Saint Peter)
Location in Creeperopolis
Location in Creeperopolis
CapitalSan Pedro
 • TypeArchduchy
 • ArchdukeAlexander II (IC)
 • Total15,000,000
Demonym(s)San Pedroan
Time zoneAMT−03:00 (ATL)
Area code(s)18

San Pedro is a department of Creeperopolis. Its capital is San Pedro.

San Pedro has coastlines on the Senvarian Sea, the Strait of San Pedro, and the Bay of Atlántida.


San Pedro was initially settled by Atlántidans in 30,000 years ago. In 404 AD, the Kingdom of Granilla was established. It was conquered by the Deltinians between 1025 and 1026 and named Jazirnubia, meaning "Southern Island" in the Deltinian language. Following the fall of the Caliphate of Deltino in 1326, the island's native Atlántidan population rebelled against the Deltinian ruling class and reestablished the Kingdom of Granilla. The kingdom was conquered by Creeperopolis in 1363 and renamed San Pedro.