Kingdom of Creeperia

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Kingdom of Creeperopolis

Կրեպերոպոլիս - ի թագավորություն
Flag of Creeperopolis
Old Creeperopolisflag540.png
and largest city
Official languagesOld Creeperian
Creeperian Paganism (until 540AD)
Creeperian Catholicism (after 540AD)
(Old Creeperian)
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• King
Felipe I (first)
Fidel II (last)
• Establishment
September 15, 537AD
• 730AD estimate
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Creeperian Confederation
Caliphate of Deltino
Emirate of Rabadsun

Creeperopolis, officially the Kingdom of Creeperopolis (Old Creeperian: Կրեպերոպոլիս - ի թագավորություն), reffered to today as the Kingdom of Creeperia, was a kingdom on the Southern landmass from 537AD-745AD. It's capital was Yerkink, modern day Salvador. The Old Kingdom was established following the War of Creeperian Unification where the advanced Amara Tribe conquered all the other tribes of the Pre-Creeperian Civilization in 537AD. The Old Kingdom greatly reformed the Pre-Old Creeperian language and formed the Old Creeperian language.

The Old Kingdom was annexed by the Deltinian Caliphate following the Deltinian-Creeperian War in 745AD.


The name Creeperopolis has its origins in the name of the native people group that founded the nation: the Creeperans. The suffix "-opolis," meaning city, was added to the end of the name to imply that the Old Creeperian Kingdom was mainly a city rather than a full fledged Kingdom.[1]



Ethnic Groups


Old Creeperian was the official and most spoken language in the kingdom. Creeperian Spanish did not evolve until the 1100s.


Until 540AD, Creeperopolis practiced Creeperian Paganism. It wasn't until 540AD that King Felipe I converted to Christianity did the Creeperian Catholic Church begin and spread in Creeperopolis.


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