Dubătemir Insurgency

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Dubătemir Insurgency
  • 28 August 2012 – 11 November 2022
  • (10 years, 2 months and 2 weeks)

Pavulturilori Victory

Commanders and leaders
Units involved

The Dubătemir Insurgency was a major military conflict that occured in the Dubătemir Commissariate of Pavulturilor between the years of 2012 until 2022.


After an unseccessful attemp to install a communist goverment, the Pavulturilori People's Army moved to stage an insurgancy in the Dubătemir Region.

The Insurgancy

First Battle of Dubătemir

Following the unssuccessful uprising, the Pavulturilori People's Army committed to a fighting retreat to the Dubătemir Commissariate, where it managed to establish a foothold in the region, quickly assaulting and conquering the commissariate's regional capital city of Dubătemir by 19 December 2012, following the city's fall, it would blockaded and bombed on an almost daily basis until the end of the war.

Battle of Road 56

in early march 2013, the Pavulturilori People's Army tried to once again break out of Dubătemir and to Zamăneşti, this time through Road 56, they were subsequently spotted by a PBNA T-5 drone, A`ritz Group have soon congregated 5 kilometers from the border of Zamăneşti Commissaraite on the road to ambush the insurgents, the battle would be a massive defeat for the insurgents as most of the convoy would be destroyed and killed, those that survived the battle were taken as prisoners of war and were later executed.

Decleration of Jihad

On 2 March 2014, Imam Abdullah Al-Mujahed of the Protectors of Islam declared jihad against the State of Pavulturilor, and called for all muslims in the country to rise up against the government, however such calls would land on mostly deaf ears, as the vast majority of muslims in Pavulturilor would refuse to partake in the war.

The following day, on 3 March 2014 the Protectors of Islam would begin to attack army garrissions across Dubătemir and retreat to the few villages that did cooperate with them, A`ritz Group, along with several more detachments of the Commissariate of Political Correctness, resulting in several battles, most notable of which would be the Battle of Seykh Sayad.

Operaration Oțel Turnat

On 17 January 2015, the Pavulturilori Air Force would launch for a daring operation to bomb all of the istallations for the Protectors of Islam, including in Sconia, the operation would result in massive casualties for the Protectors of Islam, with only light casualties to the Pavulturilori Air Force, with 5 plane damaged, the operation would see the death of Abdullah Al-Mujahed.

Second Battle of Dubătemir

Ajaki Intervention

After the arrival of a member of a Pavulturilori People's Army to Ajakanistan, it's Supreme Leader Vladimir Kareiv has ordered the launch of a supply convoy to aid the rebeles in Pavulturilor.

Battle of the Romanyan Sea

At 3:00 in the morning, 16 October 2022, 3 ships were detected heading towards Pavulturilor National Waters, the South Pavulturilori Fleet, which was aware of the ships' probable origin was sent to intercept and Airwing "Vteaz" was launched to aid in the interception as well, several hours later at 10:00, the ships were identified as ships of the Ajak Navy, and were destroyed and most of their crew were killed.