Republic of Creeperopolis

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Republic of Creeperopolis

República de Creeperopólis
Flag of Creeperopolis
Motto: Democracia es Progresso
Anthem: Himno Nacional de la'República
The Republic in 1730.
The Republic in 1730.
Common languagesCreeperian Spanish
GovernmentRepresentative Democracy
President/Prime Minister 
• 1729-1730
Orlando Moreno Hidalgo
LegislatureParliament of Creeperopolis
Chamber of Representatives
July 4, 1729
• Establishment
August 13, 1729
August 13, 1729
September 13-15, 1730
• Disestablishment
September 15, 1730
CurrencyCreeperian Peso

The Republic of Creeperopolis (Creeperian Spanish: República de Creeperopólis, also called the Creeperian Republic, República Creeperiano) was a large representative democracy on the Southern landmass. The Republic was established following the Monarch's Revolution and the execution of King Carlos III of the House of Martínez. Orlando Miguel Moreno Hidalgo, Prime Minister under Carlos III, declared a republic with himself as Prime Minister and Provisional President. During the short-lived republic, the Liberal Party dominated Parliament. The Republic would end on September 15, 1730, following the Peoples' Revolution and the reestablishment of the constitutional monarchy.