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Chicxulub Volcano
Ilopango caldera.jpg
Highest point
Elevation1,480 ft (450 m)
Native nameVolcan Chicxulub
LocationSan Romero, Creeperopolis
Age of rock450,000 years
Mountain typeCaldera
Last eruption1880

Chicxulub is a crater lake which fills an 28 sq mi volcanic caldera in northeastern Creeperopolis in the department of San Romero.

Eruptive History

Chicxulub erupted in 250BC. The eruption caused the destruction of the Proto-Creeperian Civilization and caused famines in Iberia killing off many Iberian Tribes, eventually allowing the rise of the Romanyan Empire 60 years later. The eruption was a level 6 colossal event.

The last erruption was in 1880.

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