San Juan Diego

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San Juan Diego

Ծիփդադ Նածիոնալ դե Սան Ջփան Դիեգո
Ciudad National de San Juan Diego
Departmental capital
National City of San Juan Diego
San Juan Diego in the 1960s.
San Juan Diego in the 1960s.
"La'Victoria de Vázquez Luján"
("The Victory of Vázquez Luján")
Country Creeperopolis
Department Nuevo Amanecer
Established13 July 1431
Annexed by Sequoyah13 May 1518
Annexed by Creeperopolis5 December 2022
Founded byGonzalo Vázquez Luján
Named forJuan Ulloa Batrés
 • TypeMayor-council
 • MayorEmmanuel Quiñónez Díaz
 • Total349.9 sq mi (906 km2)
 • Total391,006
 • Estimate 
 • Density1,100/sq mi (430/km2)
Demonym(s)San Juañero
Time zoneAMT–5 (CAS)
Area code(s)14
Vehicle registrationS AA-0000-A

San Juan Diego, officially the National City of San Juan Diego[note 1] and sometimes referred to as simply San Juan, is the capital city of the Creeperian department of Nuevo Amanecer. The city is the largest city in Nuevo Amanecer, and before its annexation to Creeperopolis, it was the third largest city in Sequoyah after Kalgaduv and Itse Gadu.

San Juan was established on 13 July 1431 by Gonzalo Vázquez Luján as the capital city of the Captaincy General of San Juan, a colony established by the Kingdom of Creeperopolis on the direct orders of King Miguel III. The city was captured by the Kingdom of Sequoyah on 13 May 1518, and it remained a major Sequoyan city throughout the country's history. Sometime during Sequoyan rule, the city's name was changed to San Juan Diego. After the CODECO military intervention in Sequoyah from 2020 to 2022, San Juan Diego and Navidad were annexed by Creeperopolis and organized into the department of Nuevo Amanecer.

The city is located on the Senvarian Sea, the Mary River, and the Creeperopolis–Sequoyah border, making it the most important city in Nuevo Amanecer. Most of the San Juan Diego's income comes from maritime and river trade with both Creeperopolis and Sequoyah. The city also has various factories and canning plants. Many Sequoyan tourists visit San Juan Diego due to its close proximity to the Sequoyan border, especially since it was a popular tourist destination before its annexation to Creeperopolis due to its Creeperian culture.


The city of San Juan Diego is named after Juan Diego Ulloa y Batrés, a monk of the Creeperian Catholic Church who was martyred by the Caliphate of Deltino in 1232 during the Creeperian Crusade. The city was originally named simply "San Juan" by the Creeperian settlers who established the city, but at an unknown point after Creeperian rule of the city ended, the name was expanded to San Juan Diego.



Historical affiliations
 Kingdom of Creeperopolis 1431–1518
 Empire of Sequoyah 1518–1876
 Republic of Sequoyah 1876–2022
 Creeperopolis 2022–present

In 1430, Creeperian Commander Gonzalo Vázquez Luján was commissioned by Creeperian King Miguel III to lead an expedition of Creeperian soldiers into modern-day Sequoyah with the intention of expanding Creeperian colonial ambitions south. His soldiers landed in modern-day Eastern Sequoyah in 1431, and there, he founded the Captaincy General of San Juan on 13 July 1431. He also established the San Juan Mission, and in effect, established the city of San Juan Diego, then known simply as San Juan. Vázquez Luján became the first Captain General of San Juan and also the first Mayor of San Juan.

Sequoyan imperial rule

Sequoyan republican rule

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The San Juan Diego Cathedral, the largest cathedral in Sequoyah.


Political system


Crime and corruption

The Guarma mansion, the headquarters of the Guarma family and one of the largest residences in San Juan Diego.

The city is the headquarters of the Guarma Family, one of the largest organized crime families in Sequoyah, currently led by Emiliano Guarma Sonora. The Guarma Family operated a massive protection and extortion racket throughout the city, and the Guarma Family as funneled drugs from Creeperopolis into Sequoyah since 1951. The Guarma Family faces little prosecution due to the thorough corruption of the city's municipal authorities.


The Spirit of Peoria, one of San Juan Diego's many famous riverboats that escorts Sequoyan tourists on river cruises.





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