Garda Gjorkan

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Garda Gjorkan
Patch of the Garda Gjorkan
Flag of Gjorka.png
Flag of the Garda Gjorkan
MottoIs é ár ndualgas ár dtír
Our Duty is Our Country
Agency overview
FormedDecember 13, 1919
Preceding agencies
Jurisdictional structure
Federal agencyGjorka
Operations jurisdictionGjorka
Size910,789 sq mi
Population70,210,005 (2020 Estimate)
General nature
HeadquartersGarda Heaquarters, Gjorka City
Secretarys responsible
Agency executive

The 'Garda Gjorkan (meaning "Guardians of Gjorka") is the national police service of Gjorka. Employing over 100,000 officers the Garda is headed by Commissioner Frank Moloney, and is jointly administered by the Department of Justice and Department of Internal Defense. The Garda works closely with the Gjorkan National Armed Forces and therefore is sometimes referred to as the "fifth military branch of Gjorka".