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Law enforcement in Salisford is a duty reserved for the state, with policing centralized on a national level. Law Enforcement is provided by the Gendarmeria Reale, the national Gendarmerie, and the Polizia Reale, the civil national police.

They are managed on the regional level by a Questore in accord with the region's Proconsul.


Law enforcement in Salisford is an exclusive function of the State and is organized under the Ministry of Justice, with provincial division and jurisdiction. The highest official in charge of law enforcement in Salisford is the Lord High Constable

The main police force is the Polizia Reale, which is a nation-wide full powered agency with divisions for specialized areas of interest. The Polizia Reale's duties may vary from traffic patrol to investigation, forensic analysis, or riot control. This civilian agency is generally distributed from the medium to large cities up to the province capital, even though exceptions may exist with offices and/or stations in critical towns or in places of interest.

The same duties are carried out also by Corpo della Gendarmeria Reale, commonly known as the Gendarmeria, which are also Military Police for the Salisfordian Armed Forces. Also, generally the Gendarmeria is also in charge of investigation or intervention inside Public Administrations and personal right violations. Gendarmeria stations are distributed throughout the country, with one in each municipality. They also have stations strategically placed on motorways and railways.

Even though in cases of emergency both Polizia Reale or Gendarmeria Reale may be called upon or may intervene, strong differences underline the two agencies: the Gendarmeria Reale is geared more towards investigative duties and dealing with criminal offenses. While the Polizia Reale is more focused on bureaucratic duties involving passports, visas, licenses, permits, and so on. Usually, the Gendarmeria Reale is the main force is more rural areas.

A notable division of the Polizia Reale is the Divisione Criminalità Finanziaria, which is responsible for investigating white collar and financial crime.




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