Carlo I of Salisford

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Carlo I of Salisford
Carlo Alberto restaurato.jpg
Portrait of Carlo I (circa 1842)
ReignFebruary 27, 1800 – January 6, 1845
CoronationApril 12, 1800
PredecessorCesario VI
SuccessorCarlo II
Born(1774-05-05)May 5, 1774
Palazzo Reale, Salisford
DiedNovember 6, 1845(1845-11-06) (aged 71)
SpouseGiovanna di Mazza
HouseHouse of Valenza
FatherCesario VI
MotherSibilla Teresa di Serino
ReligionSalforti Catholicism

Carlo I of Salisford (full name: Carlo Tiberius Vittorio Enrico di Valenza; May 5, 1774 – January 6, 1845) was the King of Salisford from 1800 until his death in 1846.

The second son of Cesario VI and Sibilla Teresa du Serino, Carlo was not considered a likely candidate to ascend to the throne of Salisford. However, following the Salisfordian Revolution in 1792 and the deaths of his father and older brother, he was forced into exile by the hostile republican regime. He spent 8 years in exile until Orfeo di Dimizia ousted the republicans in the Salisfordian Counter-Revolution and invited Carlo to take the throne. Carlo returned to Salisford in 1800 and was crowned king on April 12 1800.

While in exile, he married the Salisfordian emigre Giovanna di Mazza and had his first son Prince Carlo du Valenza. After his return, the couple had four more children: Prince Enrico du Valenza, Princess Giovanna di Valenza, Princess Nicoletta di Valenza, and Princess Filomena di Valenza.

Carlo I is considered one of Salisford's greatest monarchs, known for his just and heroic nature, and was nicknamed Carlo the Good by his contemporaries.

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Carlo I.

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