Paleocacherian Travel Advisories

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The Paleocacherian Government has issued an official travel advisory for civilians looking to travel abroad for business, tourism, or any other reasons from Paleocacher.



Advisory Level Notes
Safe for Tavel Travel with any normal precautions which would be taken travelling within Paleocacher.
Travel with Caution Travel with any normal precautions which would be taken in an area with an unfamiliar culture and different legal customs.
Reconsider Travel Consider if traveling to the country in question is absolutely necessary.
Travel Highly Discouraged Although the Paleocacherian government will not stop you from traveling to the nation in question, it is highly advised to not travel.
Travel Banned No legal travel is allowed between Paleocacher and the country in question.
Country Flag Advisory Level Notes
Santo Imperio Tradicionalista de Creeperopólis
Flag of Creeperopolis.jpg
Reconsider Travel
Paleocacher and Creeperopolis share diplomatic relations and do some trade. However due to ongoing violence in the country and due to the country's very strict laws regulating certain groups of people, casual travel to Creeperopolis is not advised.
Greater Sacramento
رپوبلإكا ساكرامنتو الإسلامية
Safe for Travel
Greater Sacramento is a good friend to our republic. As a fellow member of Aurebeshia and home to many ethnic Paleocacherians this country is a good place to visit.
Democratic Republic of Groffenord
Safe for Travel
Little is known about Groffenord. However there are no known conflicts there or civil unrest. As long as travelers don't go to the island that formerly was Morova. Groffenford is a pleasant travel destination.
Federasi Karimun Jawa
Karimun Federation Flag.png
Travel With Caution
The nation of Karimun is well developed and safe in most of the country. While caution is advised here due to occasional spillover from the ongoing conflicts in Lyoa to the south, the rest of the country should be considered safe to visit. Ecotourists are especially encouraged to come here for the beautiful landscapes.
Republic of Lyoa
Lyoa Flag.png
Travel Highly Discouraged
Lyoa is an unstable regime currently embroiled in civil conflict. It is not recommended to visit this country lightly. All Paleocacherians who wish to travel here must register with the embassy on arrival and take other precautions. Due to recent increases in attacks on foreigners including the killing of a Salisfordian Aid Worker, the Paleocacherian Department of Foreign Affairs has upgraded this country's threat risk.
Unifyies Dimorka Malgax
Flag of Malgax.png
Reconsider Travel
Malgax is currently embroiled in a nasty conflict against terrorists known as the HSG. While these terrorists are centered in the South Ossinia region, the potential for the conflict to spread to the rest of the country is there. Casual travel for tourism purposes is not advised at this time.
New Gandor
Nowy Gąsior
Safe for Travel
As a fellow member of Aurebeshia with a vibrant culture and low crime rate travel to New Gandor is unrestricted. The government of Paleocacher considers the country to be civilized and safe.
l'État Serein du Québecshire
Quebecshire Flag.png
Safe for Travel
Quebecshire is a developed country that has diplomatic relations with Paleocacher. Recent terror attacks by Morovans aside, travel is encouraged for business and tourism purposes.
Stratocratic Republic of Rakeo
Travel Highly Discouraged
Rakeo and Paleocacher have no diplomatic relations and there is little known about this nation's culture or government, so it is not recommended for Paleocacherians to travel here at this time.
出会い 王国
Flag of Reia.png
Safe for Travel
Reia is a close ally and is the only nation connected to Paleocacher via a land border. Travel is highly encouraged and does not require a passport.
Sequoyah flag.gif
Travel Banned
The Council of Aurebeshia has imposed sanctions on this country for its legalization of slavery. The Paleocacherian government concurs with this and will abide by the Council's travel ban on the country. Paleocacherian citizens must obtain special permission to travel here.
Freinnortán er Teraníl
Flag terranihil new 2.png
Travel Highly Discouraged
Due to its serious mistreatment of the ethnic Malgan population the Paleocacherian government has imposed total sanctions on Terranihil. Due to the recent attempted assassination of Mr.Ernest Pyle which was solicited by the Terranilian government, the Paleocacherian government urges citizens to avoid traveling here. Paleocacherians visit this country at their own risk.