Stratocratic Authority

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Stratocratic Authority

Autoridad Estratocrática
Cult of the Nation
Political positionRight-wing
International affiliationInternational Patriotic League
Authority's Legislature
100 / 100

The Stratocratic Authority (Rakeoian: Autoridad Estratocrática; abbreviated AS) is the ruling organization of the country of Rakeo. The Stratocratic Authority officially derives its authority through its defense of the country. Its membership is predicated on service in the officer core of the Rakeoian Armed Services, and terms are usually assigned for life.


Initial establishment


After the death of the previous General Secretary, successor Ricardo Cornelio claimed the position, and consolidated power into the position. The authorities of the legislature to create directories were centralized to the General Secretary position, and existing directories were sidelined in favor of new directories that had been created and filled with appointees deemed loyal to the new dictator.

Establishment of the Junta

After General Secretary Ricardo Cornelio was deposed in the 1974 Rakeoian coup d'état, he was never officially removed from power, and on his alleged death in 1980, he was elevated to the position of Eternal General Secretary. No successor was designated, and instead, various politicians from the Stratocratic Authority were selected in turn to temporarily represent Rakeo as its head of state. The exact process by which a head of state is selected is not public.