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The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to Rakeo:

Rakeo – sovereign country on the Southern Landmass. The country is officially called the Stratocratic Republic of Rakeo. The country borders the Southern Ocean, and the Senvarian Sea. With a population of approximately 30 million people, Rakeo is a mid-sized nation.

General Reference

  • Pronunciation (Jackian): Rakeo
  • Common Lyoan country name: Rakeo
  • Official Lyoan country name: Stratocratic Republic of Rakeo
  • Common endonym(s): Insulo Grande
  • Official endonym(s): None
  • Adjectival(s): Rakeoian
  • Demonym(s) (singular): Rakeoian
  • Demonym(s) (plural): Rakeoians
  • Etymology: Rakeo was simplified from the root word Rakreo in Malnova (literally translated as "old tongue"). This was a combination of the words Ra, Kre, and -o. Ra translates as island, or the concept of being surrounded, kre is a corruption of cruz, and the suffix -o means grouping, or can mean a member of a group. The meaning of Kre has been in dispute- According to some scholars, it was meant to signify Christian beliefs. Others believe that it was meant as a metaphor for faith more generally. A last camp believes it was an astronomical name, referring the Cruz constellation.
  • Internet country code top-level domain: .rk

Geography of Rakeo

Environment of Rakeo

National Geographic Features of Rakeo

Regions of Rakeo


Menoras are the top level administrative division of Rakeo. Their names, abbreviations, (and capitals) are:

  1. MOL, Menora de Olino (Olino)
  2. MOE, Menora del Oeste (Fortín del Sur)
  3. MPG, Menora de Paragon (Paragon)
  4. MJI, Menora de Jinosiá (Jinosiá)
  5. MSR, Menora del Sur (San Miguel de Martínez de facto)

Demography of Rakeo

Government and Politics of Rakeo

Politics of Rakeo

  • Form of Government: Single Party Military Dictatorship
  • Capital of Rakeo: Olino

Foreign Relations of Rakeo

Foreign Relations of Rakeo

International Organized Membership

The Stratocratic Republic of Rakeo is a member of:

Law and Order in Rakeo

Military of Rakeo

History of Rakeo

Culture of Rakeo

Culture of Rakeo

Religion in Rakeo

Religion in Rakeo

Art in Rakeo

Art of Rakeo

Sports in Rakeo

Economy and Infrastructure of Rakeo

Economy of Rakeo

Education in Rakeo

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