Alfonso Moreno Salinas (Rakeoian politician)

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Grand Parliamentarian

Alfonso Moreno Salinas
Marcello José das Neves Alves Caetano, Primeiro-ministro português.tif
Prime Minister of Rakeo
In office
6 June 1937 – 1955
Preceded bySantiago Ruíz Tengibre
Succeeded byPosition abolished
Personal details
Alfonso Álvaro Moreno y Salinas

21 January 1893
Venen, Menora de Jinosiá, Rakeo
Died20 November 1955
Jinosiá, Menora de Jinosiá, Rakeo
Political partyNational Action Party

Alfonso Álvaro Moreno y Salinas (21 January 1893 – 20 November 1955) was a Rakeoian politician who served as a member of parliament from 1925 to 1937 and then as Grand Parliamentarian from 1937 to 1955. He was ousted from power following the conclusion of the Rakeoian Civil War, and shortly after succumbed to underlying health issues while in exile.

Early life


Second parliament 1925–1931

Third parliament 1931–1937

Grand parliamentarian

Fourth parliament 1937–1943

Moreno Salinas oversaw aid to the Romerist cause in 1937. He later set up the Governmental Committee on Miguelist Subversion to begin surveillance of labor movements like the nascent Red Eagle group. In 1939, he signed the War Production act, which criminalized activities that interfered with production in agriculture or other war-vital materials. It was blasted by critics as a way to avoid engagement with legitimate concerns of unions and workers pushed to their limit by rationing.

Fifth parliament 1943–1949

Throughout the war, the army had issues with disciplining soldiers and officers, and mutinies began to grow in frequency and severity. Moreno Salinas was informed of these events, and advanced an agenda to democratize the military, by installing a panel of parliamentary overseers and a judicial process for prosecution of military officer misconduct.

Sixth parliament 1949–1955

On the outbreak of the Rakeoian Civil War, Moreno Salinas took sole control of the loyal military elements, and expelled members of parliament from areas he thought to have not given enough resistance to the Militants. After a foiled plot on his life, he became increasingly paranoia; To the point where aides had to knock in a day-specific rhythm to be let into his quarters. As the defense mounted by the PDA fell in 1955, Moreno Salinas fled the country to an unknown location. When asked to join the Rakeoian Parliament in Exile, he reportedly became angry and insisted that he wanted nothing to do with the country anymore.

Personal life

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