Administrative Divisions of Rakeo

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Administrative Divisions


  • Also known as:
  • lit. "smaller area" in Lyoan
Rakeo Menoras Map.png
Menora of Rakeo
CategoryFirst-level national subdivision
Location Rakeo
Number5 (as of 1956–present)

Menoras are the largest divisions in the administrations of Rakeo. Three Menoras have existed historically, with two more being created in 1956. These regions are comparable to Creeperan departments, or Sequoyean provinces.

Menoras Map.png
Name Menora Symbol Capital Largest City Area (km2) Population
Menora de Olino WIP Olino ??? ? ?
Menora de Paragon WIP Paragon ??? ? ?
Menora de Jinosiá WIP Jinosiá ??? ? ?
Menora del Sur WIP ??? ??? ? ?
Menora del Oeste WIP ??? ??? ? ?

Special Menoras

A special Menora is a theoretical temporary administrative division provided for under the modern Rakeoian charter. It would have many of the same elements as a full Menora, such as having a regional minister. However, the appointment of the minister would be directly controlled by the Stratocratic Authority instead of by a local council of party members. This administrative division has never been brought into reality.


Menora de Olino

  • Olino (Administration)
    • Olino Metropolitan Administration
    • Greater Olino Metropolitan Administration
  • Rektiv (Administration)
  • Bolos (Administration)

Special Administrations


Special Districts