Directory of Internal Affairs

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Directory of Internal Affairs
Creeperian: Directorio de Asuntos Internos
DAI Insignia.png
Directory overview
FormedAugust 22, 1956 (1956-08-22)
JurisdictionLaw enforcement, investigations, prison management
HeadquartersOlino, Rakeo

The Directory of Internal Affairs (Rakeoian: Directorio de Aferoj Internaj), abbreviated DAI, is a national policing agency in the country of Rakeo. The directory is known to be complicit in numerous human rights violations historically conducted by the Stratocratic Authority. It's activities in the present day are unknown, but the organization is believed to still exist under the leadership of Vacilo Pavla.


Formation of stratocratic government

The Directory of Internal Affairs of Rakeo was officially established as a governmental directory in 1955, and it was tasked with the pacification of southwestern and eastern portions of the country. Jorge Mora Cáceres, first director of the agency, was seen as poor choice, as his loyalty during the civil war was primarily towards gangs operating in Olino and Paragon- However, he would quickly prove himself as a lethally effective leader.

Squads, often composed of former paramilitary/gang members, were formed to find pockets of resistance in the cities of the east. While summary execution was practiced at first, a system of forced labor was later implemented to repair infrastructure that had been destroyed during the war.


Modern era

Luis Alberto Cuculiza in 2006

In 2002, the agency began to try and gain a new image as a legitimate law enforcement agency through greater integration with police forces and anti-gang work. As part of the effort, new director Luis Aveno Cuculiza involved himself far more publicly with other government officials, meeting with police chiefs, mayors, and community leaders. Critics claimed that he was attempting to establish a cult of personality surrounding himself. Since 2013, the agency's activities have become either curtailed or significantly limited. One theory amongst regional experts holds that Palva's hold on power in government is weaker than his predecessor, and a contesting view is that the DAI has been ordered to reduce practices with bad optics in order to attract foreign investment.

Human rights violations

Program for governmental security

In 1990, a package of documents outlining the “program for governmental security” were leaked, alleging that the DAI assassinated between 134-213 individuals inside the bureaucracy, kidnapped suspected socialists and religious extremists, and detained family members to serve blackmail against defectors and dissenters. The DAI also provided weapons to death squads operating abroad in return for leads on members of the Rakeoian diaspora.


Department for Administration and Regulation

Department for Countercolonialist Action

Department for Peace and Security