Morovan Airlines Cargo Flight 39

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Morovan Airlines Cargo Flight 39
H-4 Hercules 2.jpg
The H-4 Hercules involved in the shootdown in 1948.
DateJanuary 21, 2020
SummaryAircraft shot down by the Creeperian Air Force[1]
SiteLa Minuare, El Salvador
Aircraft typeHughes H-4 Hercules
OperatorMorovan Airlines Cargo
Call signMOROVAN 39
Flight originKieva International Airport
DestinationSequoyah (Morovan claim)[2][3]
Department of San Juan (Creeperian claim)[4]

Morovan Airlines Cargo Flight 39 (Morovan: Молдова Авиакомпании Грузовой рейс 39, Creeperian Spanish: Areolíneas de Morova de Carga Vuelo 39) was an unscheduled flight from the People's Republic of Morova to somewhere in southern or just south of the Holy Traditionalist Empire of Creeperopolis.[5][6] All 38 occupants of the plane were killed when the Hughes H-4 Hercules was shot down by two Creeperian MB-23 fighter jets of the Creeperian Air Force.[7]


In the weeks prior to the shootdown, tensions between the nations of Morova and Creeperopolis have deteriorated significantly.

The breakdown in relations between the two nations began on January 12, 2020, when the Morovan delegation to the Terraconserva Council of Nations submitted TCN Resolution 004 to the floor to vote.[8] The resolution, titled Condemnation of Creeperopolis (004), called for members of the council to condemn the nation of Creeperopolis for alleged war crimes begin committed against civilians in southern Creeperopolis, notably in the department of San Juan.[9] The Creeperian delegation refuted the points[10] and the resolution was eventually vetoed by Quebecshire.[11] The next day, January 13, 2020, the Creeperian delegation introduced their own resolution, TCN Resolution 005. The resolution, titled Instatement of a Naval Blockade on the People's Republic of Morova (005), called for all members of the countil to impose a blockade on the nation of Morova for wishing to send funds and weapons to the Deltinian Liberation Army in violation of TCN Resolution 003, Ban on the International Sale of Weapons to Morova (003).[12][13][14][15][16] The vote passed with 10 voting in favor, with only one abstention[17] and one rejection.[18] Following the vote, Creeperopolis, Greater Sacramento, New Gandor, and Paleocacher began the Armas Blockade against Morova.[19][20][21]



Morovan Airlines Cargo Flight 39 originated in Kieva, Morova, at Kieva International Airport.[22]


The flight flew over the Northern Landmass, the Andaluzian Sea, and the Janub Sea[23] on its way to its final destination.

Morovan Airlines Cargo Flight 39 began to enter Creeperian airspace over the Creeperian client of El Salvador. Two Creeperian MB-23's were scrambled to intercept the flight. and the flight was ordered by military air traffic control to divert away from Creeperopolis or be shot down. MAC 39 refused. The plane was ordered again to divert away. The flight again refused. When the fighters took positions behind the flight it was ordered for a last time to divert. After ignoring the order and it began to pull up to gain altitude, the MB-23's were ordered to shoot down the plane.

The plane was struck by two air to air missiles at 7:22pm (TSS) over El Salvador. The missiles struck the right wing and the horizontal stabilizer. The plane broke up twenty seconds later and was engulfed in flames. All 38 Morovans on board were killed.[24]


The plane was a Hughes H-4 Hercules operated by Morovan Airlines Cargo.


Nation Number
Morova[25] 38
Total 38

There were 38 occupants on board Flight 39.[26] All occupants were Morovans.

The Morovans claim all the occupants were civilian expeditionaries wishing to explore lands south of Creeperopolis.[27][28]

The Creeperian National Intelligence Directorate (DINA), on the other hand, claims all occupants were soldiers wishing to help aid the Deltinian Liberation Army kill innocent civilians in Creeperopolis.[29]


The Creeperian National Intelligence Directorate (DINA) declared it would open an investigation into the flight and that foreign investigators were prohibited from entering the country.



A statement released from the National Intelligence Directorate (DINA) and Creeperian Armed Forces (FAC) following the shootdown:

The Creeperian government had every right to shoot down a plane with the sole mission of aiding the terrorists in southern Creeperopolis. The very day before Morovan Airlines Cargo Flight 39 took off, the Deltinian Liberation Army made a cry to the People's Republic of Morova begging for aid and assistance to commit their crimes against humanity against the Creeperian people.

The Creeperian government and armed forces have every right to shoot down any plane wishing to send aid to a terrorist organization which openly calls for the deaths of millions of innocent people.

It is sad that the Morovan government would wish to fund terrorist organizations and that the TCN does nothing about it, even abandoning its blockade, which is still in effect. Who is in the wrong here? Morovans wanting to fund terrorism, or the Creeperans seeking to end it?


The Morovan People's Press broke the news of the shootdown of Flight 39 to the Morovan public. Angry demonstrations took place near the positions of Creeperian aid tents. Rocks, bottles, and books were thrown at Creeperian humanitarian workers.[31]

"We are shocked and appalled by the actions of Creeperopolis towards our plane. This was a peaceful force hoping to explore areas south of Creeperopolis. Other nations can enjoy comfort and security in their international travel, but Morova has been targeted by a vicious nation that stands contrary to our values of personal liberty and free thought. Creeperopolis must immediately order the end of their blockade, or defensive actions will be taken to secure our shores and avenge this vicious crime."

New Gandor

The New Gandorian Travel Authority has issued a travel warning. It is advised not to travel to Creeperopolis or Morova until tensions have calmed down between the two nations. People are still allowed to travel to these countries but at their own risk.[33]


The government of Lyoa promised to have troops protecting aid encampments guard Creeperian aid agencies in Kieva International Airport. Lyoan troops informed demonstrators that force will be used if violence against the Lyoa National Defense Force increases.[34]

Greater Sacramento

The Sacramentian government has called for a Morovan-Creeperian-Gandorian summit to be held in Asr El Ziqara to resolve issues between the three nations following the shootdown.[35]

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