Kingdom of Senvar

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Kingdom of Senvar

𐐆𐐿𐑌𐐪𐑌 𐐝𐐯w𐐪𐑊𐐯
Flag of Senvar
Coat of arms of Senvar
Coat of arms
Motto: "Für den König"
"For the King"
Anthem: National Hymne Senvar
("National Anthem of Senvar")
Location of Senvar
and largest city
Puerto Senvar
Official languagesSenvarian
Ethnic groups
Protestantism (official and dominant)
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy 1504-1730
Constitutional Monarchy 1730-1839
• King
Oscar I (first)
Ninapakcha III (last)
Gustav Merkel (first)
Hildebrant Böckler (last)
November 17, 1504
January 5, 1730
March 5, 1839
• 1835 estimate
15 million
CurrencySenvarian Mark (SSM)
Time zoneAMT-4 (Senvarian Timezones)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
20px Creeperopolis
Creeperopolis 20px

Senvar, officially the Kingdom of Senvar (Senvarian: 𐐆𐐿𐑌𐐪𐑌 𐐝𐐯w𐐪𐑊𐐯, transliterated: Iknan Sewale), was a kingdom on the Southern landmass from 1504-1839. It was bordered by Creeperopolis. Senvak's capital was Puerto Senvar.

The Old Kingdom of Senvar was annexed by Creeperopolis in 1456 following the Three Years' War. The dual monarchy was established on November 17, 1504, as a break away region of Creeperopolis during the Twenty Years' War and its independence was solidified in the Treaty of Adolfosburg. Following the Monarch's Revolution and establishment of a republic in Creeperopolis, the people in Senvar protested the absolute monarchy and established a Parliament in 1730 with a constitutional monarchy. The kingdom was annexed in 1839 on March 5 by Creeperopolis under Emperor Adolfo III beginning the First Senvarian Insurgency.