National Social Party (Gjorka)

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National Social Party

Páirtí Sóisialta Náisiúnta
ChairmanAndrew Tabor
FoundedApril 30, 2000; 24 years ago (2000-04-30)
HeadquartersGjorka City, Gjorka
Membership (2019)Increase700,000
 • Right-wing populism
 • Ultranationalism
 • Fascism (disputed)
 • Isolationism
 • Hard OUscepticism
 • Valkism
Political positionFar-Right
International affiliationInternational Patriotic League
Colors  Brown
National Assembly
31 / 450
Seats in district senates
103 / 1,045
Election symbol

The National Social Party (PSN) is a significant third party sitting on far-right of the political spectrum in Gjorka. The party was founded in 2000 as right-wing members of Gjorka United became disillusioned with the party dominance of the Gjorkan right following the collapse of One Nation. PSN is an incredibly controversial political party within Gjorka, with party rallies frequently resulting in violence between members and police/counter-protestors. The party has been characterized as fascist by political scholars, but this has been rejected by PSN themselves. With 31 members the Party sits in the National Assembly of Gjorka as the fourth largest.


Beginnings of the Movement

Foundation and early years


2021 election


Political positions

Electoral history


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