Žapre Virǎt

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Žapre Virǎt
Michel Aflaq 1963.jpg
Virǎt in 1952
1st Chairman of the National Progressive Party
In office
13 May 1952 – 3 August 1963
Preceded byPosition established
Succeeded byMaximus Đeštıev
Personal details
Born7 January 1898
Minaltar, Terranihil
Died24 September 1972(1972-09-24) (aged 74)
Resting placeMinaltar
Citizenship Terranihil
Political partyCommunist Party (1931–1949)
National Progressive Party (1952–1976)

Žapre Virǎt (7 January 1898 - 24 September 1972) was a Terranilian philosopher and politician who served as the first Chairman of the National Progressive Party from 1952 to 1963. His ideas and writings were significant in the development of national progressivism, and he is considered the principal founder of the ideology. Virǎt published several books during his lifetime, the most notable being The Foundation and Progress of a Nation (1946).

Virǎt was born into a middle-class family in Minaltar, Terranihil. He attended university in Quebechire City. He returned to Terranihil in 1927 and joined the Communist Party of Terranihil in 1931. He began teaching at Siftira University.