Kavardan ethnic cleansing

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Kavardan ethnic cleansing
Part of The Troubles
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DateFebruary 10, 2020-present
Attack type
Ethnic cleansing and massacres
Victimsethnic Kavardans
MotiveRetaliation for February Seven Attack on Minaltar
Verdictrelocation, deportation, indoctrination, death

The Terranilian government has committed a series of ongoing human rights abuses against Kavardans in the region of Kavarda that has been called the Kavardan ethnic cleansing or Kavardan genocide by some governments and human rights organizations, though many governments dispute these labels. Following the February 7th Attack on Mestaga in 2020 which mainly targeted Vaktrian civilians, the Terranilian government under the administration of President Draıčren Armǎk issued the Stability Order, which stated the government's intention to establish peace and safety from terrorist attacks in Mestaga and other parts of eastern Terranihil.

Led by the Progressive Guard, the paramilitary unit under direct orders from the National Progressive Party, Terranilian security forces incarcerated between 50,0000 to 100,000 Kavardans without any legal process in internment camps and displaced over 300,000 others. Majority Kavardan communities have been subject to arbitrary arrests and siezures, with reports of Vaktrians repopulating forcibly vacated homes and residential complexes. This initially sparked a refugee crisis to neighboring nations; however, currently most Kavardans live in Kavarda under strict monitoring and police rule with restricted movement. These acts by security forces have been accompanied by attacks against Kavardans by Vaktrian militant groups, who are allegedly funded by the Terranilian government. The estimated Kavardan deaths vary from 50,000 to 200,000. Several hundred mosques have been destroyed or damaged. Other policies have included suppression of Kavardan religious practices, political indoctrination, forced sterilization, forced contraception, and forced abortion.

These actions have been described as ethnic cleansing, genocide, and settler colonialism. The Terranilian government denies having committed human rights abuses and has said that the Stability Order is an antiterrorist policy. TCN Resolution 017, a Resolution to Launch An Investigation in Terranihilian Re-Education Centers, was vetoed by Quebecshire.

Many of the details of the ethnic cleansing were originally made public knowledge by Ernest Pyle, a Paleocacherian investigative reporter who traveled to Kavarda and secretly collected evidence of human right abuses.


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The Terranilian government officially states that its campaign is neither ethnic cleansing nor genocide. Rather, it states that it intends to reeducate radical Kavardans. The terminology used by one Terranilian official was the "reeducation of the religiously and politically disturbed in Kavarda."

The term "ethnic cleansing" has been used as opposed to "genocide" since some claim while Terranihil is committing human rightss abuses against Kavardans there is not enough evidence that Terranihil is attempting to systematically eradicate Kavardans. Others claim the internment of Kavardans and reported arbitrary executions is grounds for describing the events as a genocide.

The phrase "Kavardan Vacation" has reportedly been spread in Terranihil and internationally, particularly in radical online communities, as a euphemism for the ethnic cleansing.


Ethnic Kavardans have lived in Terranihil for centuries, mostly in the region of Kavarda. They make up about 8% of the population (approximately 900,000 Kavardans). The city of Mestaga is home to about half of Kavardans. Since the conquests of the Terranilian Empire, Vaktrians have settled beyond their native homeland of Vaktria, including to Mestaga.

On Febraury 7, 2020, Kavardan militants carried out an attack on a majority Vaktrian part of Mestaga in which 169 were killed and over 700 were injured. This was the deadliest terrorist attack in Terranihil in over twenty years.

The Department of Internal Security released the Stability Order in response to the attack. The order created the Committee for Reeducation, which would oversee the construction and administration of several reeducation facilities.

Kavardan displacement

The information known about the methods used in the ethnic cleansing are according to the reports of deported Kavardans and investigative journalists. The police, military and Progressive Guard has reportedly arbitrarily evicted Kavardans from their homes and business, often by force. Displaced Kavardans moved east into refugee camps.

Reeducation Camps

An estimated 50,0000 to 100,000 Kavardans are currently detained in reeducation camps. The information on the occurences within the reeducation camps are from the reports of several escaped Kavardans from the Soislaan camp. The Terranilian government has advertised the camps as safe facilities to house and teach Kavardans. Although these camps are generally known as reeducation or concentration camps, the Terranilian government strictly uses the term "reeducation facilities".

Kavardans detained at Soislaan Facility

Kavardans of all ages have been required to attend reeducation classes, which reportedly indoctrinate them against Islam and in support of National Progressivism. Adults have also been subject to forced labour. Soislaan workers have reportedly been contructing an ammunitions factory for Thetázert, the largest weapons producer in Terranihil. The Progressive Guard has reprtedly physically abused detainees. Tens of thousands were estimated to have been killed in the process of detainment.

Refugee crisis

The Resistance

Main article: Terranilian Resistance

The Resistance (Terranilian: Senbertoisia) is a movement that attempts to save Kavardans from the ethnic cleansing. It is a loosely organized network of Terranilians who hide Kavardans, help them escape Terranihil, publish underground newspapers and sabatoge government efforts. The Resistance is mostly unarmed, though instances of guerilla warfare against the Terranilian government have been reported. The men and women of the Resistance come from all religions, ethnicities, economic levels, and political leanings of Terranilian society, including students, academics, aristocrats, Christians, Muslims, atheists, Póniepans, liberals, anarchists and communists.

The Resistance mainly operates in eastern Terranihil where the Kavardan population was most concentrated. Several citizens called "keepers" maintain "safehouses" that hide Kavardans until they can be safely smuggled into neighboring nations. Some Resistance members secretely carry Kavardans across the border; however, the movement mainly relies on the Kortan Yem, the Terranilian mafia, to move Kavardans out if they are paid properly.

Ernest Pyle exposé

Soislaan Escape

Soislaan is the largest reeducation camp, holding 81,000 malgans. On March 29, 2020, about 600 Kavardans escaped the camp. Members within had reportedly coordinated to forcibly open the gates. They armed themselves with makeshift weapons. A camp truck was also hijacked and used to ram through the surrounding fences. The camp guards, in an attempt to stop the escape, killed several hundred if not more than a thousand Kavardans. Most hid in the nearby forest and then eventually entered Greater Sacramento.

Alleged abuses


TCN Resolution 17

Main article: TCN Resolution 017

On April 16, 2020, Malgax proposed a bill to the Terraconserva Council of Nations Security Council titled "Resolution to Launch An Investigation in Terranihilian Re-Education Centers". Malgax suspected that the PPF was committing human rights violations and mass atrocities against Kavardans within the camps. Terranihil opposed the proposal because of its lack of evidence and claimed infringement on Terranilian sovereignty. The proposal gained support from many nations, but Quebecshire vetoed it.

Committee for Inquiry into the Crisis in Kavarda

International positions