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Terranihil (politician)

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Terra new country ball.png
Terra arab flag 7.png
Flag as of July 19, 2020
Consul of the LCN
Assumed office
June 1, 2020
Serving with Quebecshire and Eminople
Preceded byCaezar
Council Delegate of the LCN
In office
January 13, 2020 – June 1, 2020
Director of Foreign Affairs
In office
March 17, 2020 – March 25, 2020
Preceded byNew Gandor
Succeeded byNew Gandor
Associate Director of Foreign Affairs
In office
April 9, 2020 – June 1, 2020
Preceded byPosition established
Succeeded byKing Denver
Diplomat of the LCN
In office
December 17, 2019 – June 1, 2020
Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Imperial Fatherland
In office
August 22, 2018 – October 14, 2018
Preceded byYurizlansia
Succeeded byposition abolished
Minister of Intelligence of the Imperial Fatherland
In office
August 22, 2017 – October 21, 2017
Preceded byImperialorder1
Succeeded byposition abolished
Ambassador of the Imperial Fatherland
In office
May 27th, 2018 – October 14th, 2018
Succeeded byposition abolished
Personal details
Born (2017-01-06) January 6, 2017 (age 4)
CitizenshipFlag of The League of Conservative Nations.png The LCN (2019-present)
Imperial fatherland 764795-2.png Imperial Fatherland (2017-2018)
FatherQuebecshire (politician)
ResidenceThe League of Conservative Nations
OccupationConsul and Wiki owner
a. Niggarno was killed by the NationStates Moderators for impersonation and trolling

Terranihil, also known as "Terry", is a politician in The League of Conservative Nations (LCN) who currently serves as a Consul of the Republic. He previously served as a Council Delegate[1], Associate Director of Foreign Affairs, diplomat, and officer of the League's Police Force.[2]. He is a cofounder and administrator of the LCN Wiki, which currently hosts the Terraconserva Roleplay[3]. He is also a member of the unofficial Anti Don Cheadle Party. Terranihil is highly active in the roleplay and plays as Terranihil, an atheist, right-wing dictatorship (which does not reflect his personal political opinions). Terranihil served in several government positions in the Imperial Fatherland (ImpFat)[4], including as an ambassador from ImpFat to the LCN which allowed Terranihil to meet the LCN community[5].

Early Days

Terranihil was founded on January 6th, 2017 in an unknown pacific region. He immediately relocated to Mises Vanet, a now nonexistent libertarian region. Terranihil applied for citizenship and for the roleplay, intending to play as Russia or Ukraine. He was also interested in libertarian ideology. However, Malve, the leader of the region, was unresponsive. Terranihil then decided to leave the inactive region for the Imperial Fatherland on May 10th, 2017.[6]

Imperial Fatherland

Main article: Imperial Fatherland

In his new region, Terranihil found a much more active community. He quickly applied for the region's roleplay as a united Baltic nation[7]; later he used a puppet, The Baltic Republic, to roleplay.[8] He became close friends with other members of ImpFat, such as Diogott, Diteufel, The Peoples Republic of Great Britain, Konratopia, Yurizlansia, The Swedish Coast, Mardasia and Oceanyka.[9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16]

Terranihil also joined the Imperial Security Agency (ISA), which was lead by Imperialorder1. Terranihil was officially appointed as an Intelligence Officer; however, Imperialorder1 was inactive and he was never assigned any missions.[17]

Minister of Intelligence

Imperialorder1's inactivity became grounds for his removal and an election was planned for a new Minister of Intelligence. Terranihil saw this as an opportunity to revive the ISA and serve on the regional government, so he ran for the position. He did not campaign much because he was the only candidate running.[18] He won the election and was appointed on August 22nd, 2017 for a two month term according to new term rules.

Coat of Arms of the Imperial Fatherland

Terranihil has many plans for the ISA, such as recruiting more Intelligence Officers, creating a registry of all puppets and increasing information gathering regarding foreign and domestic threats. He recruited The Swedish Coast as the only Intelligence Officer. However, he did not fulfill the rest of his plans. Peoples Republic of Great Britain (nicknamed Prug), the Prime Minister at the time, informed Terranihil that they would be working on a puppet registry in due time; however neither of them initiated the project. Terranihil was considered an inadequate minister for his lack of initiative. Despite his unsatisfactory term as Minister of Intelligence, he was still well liked by the region's members.

After the two month term was over, Diogott (the founder), the legislative House of Ministers and Terranihil himself agreed to abolish the position. The Imperial Fatherland was moving away from politics and focusing more on roleplay; the region also created a Discord server for better communication. Terranihil took a break from politics and the region in general for several months.

Diplomat to the LCN

Yurizlansia was elected as the new Minister of Foreign Affairs in May of 2018 and began massive overhaul of the Ministry. He established the Ambassadorial Program, which attracted Terranihil who wanted to be involved in the regional government but not hold a position in the House of Ministers. After some encouragement from Prug, Terranihil applied to be an ambassador and was accepted by Yurizlansia. Terranihil was given the option to choose which region he wanted to travel to, and he chose the League of Conservative Nations. He was appointed on May 27th, 2018.[19]

Terranihil joined the LCN's Discord server immediately to introduce himself. The LCN was in the middle of a war with the United Conservative Nations (UCN) and its leader, Nagarno. Despite the conflict, he was welcomed by the LCN and fit in quite naturally with the LCN community. Quebecshire and Terranihil corresponded to allow members of ImpFat to join classes in the LCN University. Terranihil also participated in a few military operations, including a Discord server raid against the UCN.

Niggarno Incident

Terranihil created a puppet on June 12th, 2018 with the name "Niggarno", a comedic imitation of Nagarno and moved it into the LCN.[20] Niggarno mocked Nagarno, saying things such as "respec you own law".[21] The region recognized the puppet as a joke, except for Xusma who believed it was actually Nagarno. The NationStates Moderators CTEed Niggarno for supposed "[m]alicious impersonation".[22] Quebecshire criticized the Moderators for their seemingly inconsistent definition of impersonation, stating:

"Nagarno impersonated someone named Dijen for three months. We came to you then, provided evidence, and there was nothing done in return."[23]

The Moderator replied stating that Niggarno is a "troll impersonator puppet".

UGB Crisis

Main article: Unified Greater Bengal Crisis

Terranihil's involvement in the investigation on Unified Greater Bengal (UGB) after his election fraud was extensive. Terranihil questioned UGB in ImpFat's discord server.[24] After UGB was banned from the region and Discord, Terranihil telegrammed UGB in an attempt to get him to admit to committing election fraud.

"Hello, fellow ambassador. I know the recent events involving the election have probably made you feel unwelcome in the region, so I wanted to lend you a friendly hand and provide my support for what you are going through right now. I planned on voting for you in the MoFA affairs [sic] election, and I wanted to contact you sooner to see if you wanted to become allies.

I honestly do not know if these allegations against you are true or not, but it seems that there is a great amount of evidence built up against you. If you have used puppets to influence the election, just relax and talk to me. I have been in similar situations. I understand that you might have wanted to become the Minister so that you could greatly improve the region. I sympathize with your passionate efforts.

So if you have used puppets to influence the MoFA election, just know that I can help you get out of this mess. I have been a relevant member of the Imperial Fatherland, so I have a good amount of allies and influence. Please don't hesitate to confide in me. I can help you just as you have helped this region. I will not release anything you say to me through telegrams, as long as you don't release what I say to you. :)

Sincerely, your friend, Terra"

Terranihil pretended to be friends with UGB to get information. He fabricated the [art about having "been in similar situations". UGB quickly responded to the telegramm

Ya I admit that but I had no bad intentions of doing that. I was eager to serve this region and thought this would be the easiest way. I had no intentions of invading this clan or whatsoever. I wanted to enter RP and leave politics for a while but my RP application got rejected thrice so I am not allowed to send anymore. And thanks for lending me a helping hand during this time ot [sic] turbulence. May God bless u!"

Terranihil sent the evidence to the rest of the government officials. Later UGB messaged Terranihil on discord stating "Lol u guys are quite clever".

UGB sent several puppets into the ImpFat region and discord. He also sent telegrams to ImpFat's embassy regions, including the LCN, falsely accusing ImpFat of attempting to "poach" players for their RP. Terranihil spoke to the government of the LCN to clarify the situation and provide evidence on the falsity of UGB's claims.

Fall of the Fatherland

Terranihil was elected Minister of Foreign Affairs on August 22, 2018. He began expanding the ambassadorial program and attempted to get in contact with other regions. The region, however, decided to close down on October 14 because of inactivity and the growing disinterest of several government officials. The Discord still remains where old members can talk. Terranihil took a break once again.

League of Conservative Nations

Early political career

After more than a year of inactivity, Terranihil moved to the LCN on December 9, 2019. He quickly became became a citizen. After the Department of Foreign Affairs was established, Terranihil applied to be a diplomat and was accepted by New Gandor, the Director of the department, on December 17, 2019.[25] He, along with Gandor and Greater Sacramento, determined which embassies were active, inactive, and historic, and documented all of the foreign diplomats. The three had to manage about eleven regions each.[26] Terranihil befriended foriegners, including members of the Free Nations Region and Monarchist and Democratic Alliance. The Department recruited other diplomats, including Foxilan, The Traditional States, and Amaan land, and Terranihil's work load decreased. Terranihil established relations with Alvaria and helped author The League of Conservative Nations - The Free Nations Region Interregional Accords.[27] On April 9, 2020, Gandor informally appointed Terranihil as Associate Director.

On January 13, 2020, Greater Sacramento and Amaan nominated Terranihil to the Council for a two month term, beginning his career on the Council. He served on the 5th, 6th, and 7th Councils. Terranihil did not propose any bills, other than helping to write the LCN-FNR treaty. Amaan, the Chief of the League's Police Force, recruited Terranihil as an officer. Spode Humbled Minions, the Director of the Intelligence Agency, and Fandom, the Director of the Defense Administration, recruited Terranihil as an intelligence agent.

Wiki Organization

The moderators of IIWiki, the wiki that the LCN used for its roleplay, accused Creeperopolis of plagiarism. This prompted several LCNers to cause a disruption in the IIWiki Discord server on January 25. They were banned after spamming "server coup" and after Terranihil posted an image of a white man with a machinegun on a bicycle chasing down a tribal African child. Sacramento proposed setting up a wiki solely for the LCN, and Terranihil took interest. They formed the Terraconserva Wiki Organization. Sacramento and Terranihil set up the wiki, and after dispelling Israeli and Chinese hackers, the wiki was fully operational.

Return of UGB

On March 16, 2020, someone by the name of The Great Guy joined ImpFat's mostly inactive Discord server. He stated he was a Thaecian politician and then admitted to being UGB. He conversed with and messaged a few members and then left the server three days later. On April 30, 2020, The Diplomat, which was one of UGB's old Discord accounts, became active on the LCN's Discord server and said a single statement: "Are you guys having a war with the FCN or something?" The Diplomat then proceeded to instigate a problem in Enadia's server and claimed to be from the LCN. That same day, a nation called "Pasquall" joined Enadia and spammed their RMB. Then on May 1, someone named the good boy joined ImpFat's server and said:

"I just wanted to tell you guys something

I hope you guys stay safe and may God protect us all from this corona virus Ameen

I know we have had disputes in the past but we are human beings after all"

He left shortly after. The same person joined the LCN's server and claimed to be The Land of the Freeee from New Western Empire.

The events sparked Terranihil's interest and he began investigating. The Great Guy had changed his Discord username to The Islamic Country of Honour (TICH). Terranihil discovered that TICH was active on Thaecia's Discord server. A nation by the same name was also located in Thaecia. He also found an old account from August of 2018 that was called The Nice Lad, which UGB had used to enter ImpFat's server. Terranihil concluded that all of these different identities were UGB; The Great Guy, the good boy, and The Nice Lad were all similar names connected with UGB and TICH. Terranihil also concluded that Pasquall, although not directly connected with the other identities, was likely UGB as well because the spamming occurred at the same time as The Diplomat's instigations on Discord. Terranihil documented the information and then shared it to the LCN Intelligence Agency. Spode Humbled Minions approved the sharing of the intelligence with Thaecia. Thaecia then banned TICH from their server for two weeks. Since then, TICH has returned as an active member.


On June 1, 2020, Caezar resigned as Consul.[28] Later that day, Quebecshire called Terranihil and told him he needs to resign from the Council and his other positions with no further exlpanation, making Terranihil think he was in serious trouble. However, he then joined a call with Quebecshire and Eminople who explained that they wanted him to be the next Consul. Terranihil accepted the position. Terranihil's statement of acceptance:

"My fellow LCNers,

I have been nominated by Quebecshire and Eminople to fulfill the now vacant seat of the Consul of the Republic. They, along with Caezar, believe I am qualified for the responsibilities of such a position. I hereby resign from the Council of the Republic, the Department of Foreign Affairs, the League's Police Force, the Defense Administration, and the Intelligence Agency.

I hereby accept the position of Consul of the Republic.

I swear to serve the region to my best ability. I swear to remain active and responsible. I look forward to the fun times we will continue to have as a region and community.

I, as a Consul of the League of Conservative Nations, one of the three Heads of State, vow to serve within the Charter as my mandate, vow to ensure the government representation of the public, and vow to use my power and impartiality for the longevity, freedom, and prosperity of the region."[29]

Public image

In ImpFat

Terranihil was well liked and percieved as a dedicated citizen of ImpFat. He gained the reputation of being the go-to intelligence and covert operations person after getting UGB's confession. He was also given the role of Judas for betraying UGB, alluding to Judas's betrayal of Jesus Christ. Terranihil was also given recognition for writing part of an epic poem about UGB called Ugabes.

In the LCN

Terranihil is known for his monotone voice, prompting questions about his mental health. Terranihil is also known for being Syrian.


Profile pictures

In propaganda


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