New Gandor (politician)

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The Greater Republic of New Gandor
Wielka Republika Nowy Gąsior
New Gandor.png
LCN Director of Foreign Affairs
In office
December 17, 2019 – June 28, 2020
Preceded byPosition Established
Succeeded bySan Carlos Island
LCN World Assembly Delegate
In office
April 11, 2020 – June 30, 2020
Preceded byCaezar
Succeeded byCaezar
Council Delegate of the LCN
In office
April 14, 2020 – June 28, 2020
Personal details
Born (2017-03-27) March 27, 2017 (age 7)
the Pacific
CitizenshipThe League
Political partySons of Adam
ResidenceThe League
Civilian awardsDistinction of Service to The Republic (LCN)
Military service
Nickname(s)"Gandor", "Embassy Thanos", "Fort Handel"
AllegianceThe League and Concord
Branch/serviceThe League Defense Force
UnitGuardsmen of The League, The Concord Rangers
Military awards
  • LDF Honor for the Siege of England

The Greater Republic of New Gandor Joined Nationstates on March 27, 2017. The Nation has moved region to region, with the first being The Kingdom of Scotland, and notable ones being, The Black Hawks, The Grey Wardens, The Federation of Conservative Nations, and now The League.

New Gandor rose to prominence with the rise of the political party the Sons of Adam, in the Federation of Conservative Nations, and when given the title of Chief Justice of the Federation of Conservative nations, a job well enjoyed. When the Sons of Adam, led by friend Vens Verbum, gained enough members a bid for the presidency was made. The election was successful and Vens became President, while Gandor became the Vice President. Soon Tragedy struck and Vens Verbum had to step down from the presidency. New Gandor became President and selected Monkaslavia as Vice President.

Once again tragety struck with infighting and chaos following peace talks with The League. New Gandor had enough of it and issued Executive Order 70219, hoping time and distance from the League would heal wounds, and stop infighting in the Federation. This was an action Gandor would come to regret. Soon there after New Gandor along with Creeperopolis and other FCN officals were ousted by the Executive Order due to chaos, infighting. New Gandor vowed to never take a political office again.

New Gandor ended up in The League and quickly creating ties with Greater Sacramento, Eminople, and Quebecshire. In December of 2019 despite not wanting governmental positions, Gandor was offered the position of Director of Foreign Affairs. Gandor hesitantly accepted it, reviving the department. First came the embassy purge, in which the nickname of 'Embassy Thanos' by The Third Dynasty of Ur. After everything was organized and staff was hired the department flourished. On April 11, 2020 New Gandor was given the position of World Assembly Delegate, to further solidify the department. On April 14, 2020 Gandor was elected to the Leagues Council. New Gandor departed the positions of WA Delegate, and all other governmental roles due to irl obligations. Shortly after departing the LCN.

Returning in fall/winter 2022 to The League, New Gandor remains a member of the league's roleplay and is a minuteman in the League's Defense Forces, a Guardsman of The League, and a Concord Ranger.

WA Delegate voting and Rational

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