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LCN Wiki
Type of site
Internet encyclopedia
Available inEnglish
Successor(s)LCN Wiki
Country of originThe League of Conservative Nations
Key peopleUnited Empireonius (founder)
RegistrationOptional for viewing; required for editing
Users4 (2017)
Launched4 January 2017; 6 years ago (2017-01-04)
Current statusDormant

LCN Wiki is a dormant encyclopedia of The League of Conservative Nations which was established in 2017 by United Empireonius.[1] The wiki was short lived as it went inactive by 24 January 2017.

Main page introduction

The LCN Wiki is the new and improved official Wikia Page for the NationStates Region of The League of Conservative Nations, founded by Adawn. It is based on the Conservative and Libertarian principles of Freedom and Democracy. However RolePlay is a major part of the Region and more and more people are joining it every day, which is why the Wiki exists - for everyone to document their Characters, Planets, Ships and much more.

— LCN Wiki

List of pages

The following is a list of pages uploaded to LCN Wiki.

  • Alena Dari
  • Earth
  • Emperor Venekit
  • Goto, moon of Tulsac
  • Gradion the Natural Leader
  • Grand Forgemaster Ziram
  • Hutt
  • Kel'neri
  • Lehite Union
  • Luminoroth, Keeper of the Plates
  • Nemro the Hutt
  • Order of the Plates
  • Order of the Sword
  • Pontificium Imperium
  • Pope Pius XIII
  • STAR WARS™-Emperor Venekit attacks the Jedai Temple
  • The Concordat
  • The Ethucian Principality
  • The Kanjuurans
  • The Keeper of the Sword
  • The Trade Union
  • The Syth Empire
  • The United Republic
  • Triarii
  • Vladimir
  • Zoram, Keeper of the Sword
  • Zyox the Wildcard Diplomat


Logo Date adopted Date relinquished Usage
First Logo 4 January 2017 5 January 2017 1 day
Second Logo 5 January 2017 7 January 2017 2 days
Third Logo 7 January 2017 Present 6 years, 268 days

In popular culture

  • In April 2021, Greater Sacramento, a resident of The League of Conservative Nations from 2018 to 2021 and of The League since 2021, stated, "This wiki is very disgusting and just shows everything wrong with RP culture before the Terraconserva RP came along. It should be used as a model of what not to do when RPing as this is more embarrassing than the time I called my fourth grade teacher Mom."


  1. United Empireonius (4 January 2017). "LCN Wiki". The League of Conservative Nations. Retrieved 1 April 2021.

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