Imperial Fatherland

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Imperial Fatherland

Flag of the Imperial Fatherland
Coat of Arms
Motto: Viribus Unitis
With United Forces
Official languagesNone Official
Recognised national languagesEnglish
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
• Founder
LegislatureHouse of Ministers
• Establishment
January 14, 2017

The Imperial Fatherland, often abbreviated as IF or ImpFat, was a region consisting of a constitutional monarchy in which the region's Founder acted as the monarch with limited executive authority and the House of Ministers acted as the legislative branch. The region was founded by Diogott on January 14, 2017 after breaking away from the Coalition of Independent Nations but collapsed on August 22, 2018. The Imperial Fatherland had an embassy with The League of Conservative Nations.



The Imperial Fatherland was founded on January 14, 2017 by Diogott, a former member of the Coalition of Independent Nations (CoIN) who had become discontent with the region's inactivity. Several members of CoIN and the Coalition of Democratic Nations (CoDN) (the predessesor region of CoIN) joined the Imperial Fatherland. The earliest members included The Peoples Republic of Great Britain (knows as Prug), Imperialorder1, Deutschenreiche, The Swedish Coast, Konratopia, and The empire royal.

The earliest members wrote and ratified a constitution that established Diogott as the monarch and several ministry positions, which was maintained for the region's entire existence.

Empire Royal

The Empire Royal was an early member of the Imperial Fatherland who contested the first Minister of Intelligence election, in which Imperialorder1 won over West European Reich on March 4, 2017.[1][2] On March 2, The Empire Royale was banned from the region for "plotting high treason, planning to overthrow the government and contact raiders, then imposing a totalitarian regime on the region, with him as a supreme Leader, replacing our democratic and progressive government".[3] The Empire Royal created his own region but ceased to exist shortly after. The Swedish Coast admitted in 2020 that he was actually Empire Royale, but the revelation was not very significant because the events had been long gone and The Swedish Coast was very young at the time.

Conflict with the CoDN

Closure of embassies

The Imperial Fatherland and the Coaltion of Democratic Nations (CoDN) shared an embassy and had mixed feelings about each other. The Imperial Fatherland's government decided to close embassies with CoDN on October 5, 2017 due to their allowance of white nationalists in their region and government. Sadatland, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, posted a controversial statement on the CoDN's RMB announcing the closing of embassies, which read:

"Message from Minister of Foreign Affairs of Imperial Fatherland

Supreme Leader Sadat, recently appointed as Minister of Foreign Affairs for his dominion, Imperial Fatherland, is announcing that the embassy between our two regions is to be terminated. As mentioned by Imperial Fatherland's founder, Diogott, there are many members in your region who our government have deemed as undesirable, and as such we shall hold no further relations with you.

On observing what Diogott said about this region, I am truly disgusted that people like you exist. Firstly, I expect you are all infidels, which is bad enough, but to also be so pathetic and nationalistic, I would be willing to personally circumcise the necks of your children. I have heard what some of you have said about Muslims, which truly repulse me. You disrespectful Kuffar have no right to live on this Earth, and I am grateful that your region shall never be listed under the embassies of Imperial Fatherland.

I hope you all die alone at an early age, which from the looks of it, most of you likely will ( because you all seem to be a really sad bunch of people who compete with each other to be the superior nation on NS)

I thank Allah for not allowing me to know such repulsive people like you, and I bid good riddance to your region.

Kind regards,

Imperial Fatherland Minister of Foreign Affairs"[4]

Sadatland constantly played a satire of a radical Islamist, but the members of CoDN did not take his statement as a joke. One members responded "You're not making it easy for me to demonstrate to the I-Can't-Believe-They're-Not-Fascists that not each and every on of the 1.6 billion Muslims in this world are terrible people." To which, Sadatland responded "When confronted with people like the ones in this region, it is truly difficult for one to suppress the urge to lash out and slice their head off with a scimitar." Another member of the coDN replied "Why are you not in the desert?" Another replied "'Muslims aren't violent' the left said 'They don't lash out at you for being an infidel' they said."[5]

NS moderators deleted Sadatland because of the post. He returned to the region with a new nation called Sadatlandv2.

Sabatoge operation

Several government officials of the Imperial Fatherland, including Diogott, Prug, The Swedish Coast, Diteufel (a defector from CoDN), and Terranihil, conspired to infilitrate the CoDN with puppets and sabatoge their roleplay. The infiltrators disrupted the region but did not completely sabatoge their roleplay.

UGB conflict

Election fraud

On February 27, 2018, Unified Greater Bengal, commonly known as UGB, joined IF.[6] He remained inactive for several months until announcing his intent ro run for the Minister of Foreign Affairs election on May 20, 2018.[7] UGB repeatedly posted messages on the RMB promoting his campaign for the position, which many considered spam. In response, Prug proposed the Political Campaigning Act which set regulations on campaigning, and the legislation was passed.[8]


Terranihil's involvement in the investigation on Unified Greater Bengal (UGB) after his election fraud was extensive. Terranihil questioned UGB in ImpFat's discord server.[24] After UGB was banned from the region and Discord, Terranihil telegrammed UGB in an attempt to get him to admit to committing election fraud.

"Hello, fellow ambassador. I know the recent events involving the election have probably made you feel unwelcome in the region, so I wanted to lend you a friendly hand and provide my support for what you are going through right now. I planned on voting for you in the MoFA affairs [sic] election, and I wanted to contact you sooner to see if you wanted to become allies.

I honestly do not know if these allegations against you are true or not, but it seems that there is a great amount of evidence built up against you. If you have used puppets to influence the election, just relax and talk to me. I have been in similar situations. I understand that you might have wanted to become the Minister so that you could greatly improve the region. I sympathize with your passionate efforts.

So if you have used puppets to influence the MoFA election, just know that I can help you get out of this mess. I have been a relevant member of the Imperial Fatherland, so I have a good amount of allies and influence. Please don't hesitate to confide in me. I can help you just as you have helped this region. I will not release anything you say to me through telegrams, as long as you don't release what I say to you. :)

Sincerely, your friend, Terra"

Terranihil pretended to be friends with UGB to get information. He fabricated the [art about having "been in similar situations". UGB quickly responded to the telegramm

Ya I admit that but I had no bad intentions of doing that. I was eager to serve this region and thought this would be the easiest way. I had no intentions of invading this clan or whatsoever. I wanted to enter RP and leave politics for a while but my RP application got rejected thrice so I am not allowed to send anymore. And thanks for lending me a helping hand during this time ot [sic] turbulence. May God bless u!"

Terranihil sent the evidence to the rest of the government officials. Later UGB messaged Terranihil on discord stating "Lol u guys are quite clever".

Slander campaign

UGB sent several puppets into the ImpFat region and discord. He also sent telegrams to ImpFat's embassy regions, including the LCN, falsely accusing ImpFat of attempting to "poach" players for their RP. Terranihil spoke to the government of the LCN to clarify the situation and provide evidence on the falsity of UGB's claims.


Discord puppets


New government



Original government

Final government

House of Ministers


Foreign Affairs


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