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The Republic of The League

Emblem of The League
Official languagesNone official
None official[1]
• Consul
• Consul
Spode Humbled Minions
LegislatureCouncil of the Republic
• Established
17 April 2016[2]
14 May 2019[3]
• 2022 estimate
GDP (nominal)2021 estimate
• Total
1.46e+56 Leaguecredits
• Per capita
1.83e+53 Leaguecredits
Gini (2021)Negative increase 100[lower-alpha 1]
very high
HDI (2021)Increase .901
very high
Time zoneAMT-5 (EST (unofficial))
• Summer (DST)
AMT-4 (EDT (unofficial))
Date formatDD/MM/YYYY

The League, officially known as The Republic of The League, previously known as The League of Conservative Nations, and sometimes abbreviated as TL, is a region on NationStates of more than 490 nations. The League of Conservative Nations (LCN) was originally founded on 17 April 2016 by Adawn and Quebecshire as a breakaway from the Great Conservative Alliance. After almost five years of active government, the region's community relocated to The League on 21 March 2021.[2]

The League's government is based on the region's fourth constitution. It is a semi-democratic government consisting of a democratically nominated and approved Council and an unelected Consulate of three Consuls, one whom is the Chief Consul, who are all equal in power.[3] The League has several additional institutions including the Department of Culture, Department of Foreign Affairs, the League's Defense Forces, and the Office of the Archivist of the Republic. The League also has an active roleplay and wiki.


Quebecshire, as proven through an archived telegram, came up with the original name The League of Conservative Nations. After several years, the region had become more ideologically diverse, with centrist, liberal, and left-wing members increasing in government and in general. The LCN government decided in 2021 to move to The League because the conservative label no longer reflected the goals or overall ideology of the region and was potentially hindering recruitment efforts.



The League of Conservative Nations was founded on NationStates by Adawn and Quebecshire, marking the beginning of League history.


By plebiscite, the government of the 3rd Constitution was dissolved, and the National Committee on Reconstruction was created to dramatically reform the government through the creation of the 4th constitution. Executive power was transferred from the elected office of president to the newly created unelected tripartite Consulate, and the legislature was established as the Citizens Assembly.

Move to The League

In April 2021, The League of Conservative Nations became The League, both within its government as well as on NationStates. The regional population began a move to the new region which was completed within a month. Concurrently, The League began to integrate itself into Libcord, and perused a new foreign policy direction.

Establishment of Concord

Concord was established as a second region under The League's control on NationStates in June 2022.

Government and politics

The government is regulated by the Constitution of the Republic, which serves as the region's supreme legal document. The Constitution establishes the structure and responsibilities of both the Consulate and the Council. The Constitution has been amended an unknown number of times. Other agencies, collectively known as the executive departments, manage other elements of The League's government.

The League's Government comprises of two major entities:

  • Legislative: The unicameral Council of the Republic, made up of elected Council Delegates, votes on bills to create or reform new agencies, laws, or pass motions.
  • Executive/Judicial: The unelected Consulate of the Republic acts collectively to administer regional security, run the Court of the Republic, veto legislative bills before they become law if necessary, and appoint the Directors of the executive departments.

The Council Delegates are elected through a process of nomination and confirmation that occurs on a bimonthly/monthly basis.

Foreign affairs

The League’s foreign affairs are handled by the Consulate and the Director of Foreign Affairs. They work to improve relations with partner regions, establish treaties with allied regions, and maintain open channels of information. A staff of diplomatic agents support the Director, particularly in distributing the monthly Foreign Affairs report and other diplomatic messages.

World Assembly participation


The League’s military is known as the League’s Defense Force, and it has operated since 2016. In its current form as a stanch defender military, the LDF has over 800 updates with interregional defense organization Libcord. The current general of the LDF is Makasta, who has served for nearly a year in the position.


Running cultural events is the purview of the Director of Culture, who runs the Department of Culture to pursue the betterment of the Republic through enriching its culture.


Roleplay (often abbreviated as RP) has been a part of the League since almost its inception. In September 2019, the League's longest running RP, known as the Terraconserva Worldbuilding RP, began. In addition to this, several regional minecraft servers have existed since 2019.



  1. The actual Gini of The League is -6.411.


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