Federation of Conservative Nations

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Federation of Conservative Nations

Flag of the FCN
Emblem of FCN
Largest citygeneral
Official languagesNone Official
Recognised national languagesEnglish
Ethnic groups
100% Ethnic FCNer
GovernmentPresidential System
• President
Qui-Gon (first)
Fluvannia (last)
• Senate Speaker
Unknown (first)
Washingtonian Republic (last)
• Establishment
9 September 2017
• Dissolution
1 May 2020
• Estimate
301 Nations (Peak, 26 December 2019)
CurrencyFCN Dollar
Time zoneEastern Daylight Time/ Eastern Standard Time (Unofficial)
Driving sideright

The Federation of Conservative Nations was an enormous region founded on 9 September 2017, following the de-facto destruction of the Confederacy of Conservative Nations. Shortly after the founding of the Federation of Conservative Nations, a short-lived breakaway region known as the Confederacy of Conservative Countries was formed. The first months of the Federation were marked by a period of relative stability, despite allegations of racism and homophobia that would come to light in 2018. In March 2018, a second constitution of the FCN that was written to largely fix grammar mistakes and unclear articles in the first constitution was proposed and ratified.[citation needed] This constitution would exist until the dissolution of the Federation.

The region was known for being one of the largest right-wing regions on NationStates. Additionally, several current members of the League of Conservative Nations spent much of their time on NationStates in the Federation of Conservative Nations before joining The League.

As of January 14, 2023, the Federation of Conservative Nations region is controlled by the LDF.



The predecessor to the Federation, the Confederacy of Conservative Nations, was formed on June 1 by Topeka, a member of the Confederation of Conservative Nations. The FCN's first constitution and government system is derived from that of the Confederacy of Conservative Nations. Before the destruction of the Confederacy, a nation known as The United States of Qui-Gon was President of the CCN. He would become the first President of the FCN until his resignation and departure from the site.

2017-Early 2018

Following an incident in which the founder of the Confederacy of Conservative Nations, Topeka, banjected nearly all nations in the region, Gagium founded the Federation of Conservative Nations as a successor to the CCN on September 9. Within 3 days of the region's founding, over 40 nations had moved to the fledgling Federation. An early incident which divided members of the Federation occurred after two members of the CCN, Pablocracy and a user known as Guy Hanes[citation needed], formed their own region, the Confederacy of Conservative Countries. This happened due to a judicial system in which they wielded large amounts of power was repealed. On 17 September, some users led by Gagium raided the region, causing outrage from the CCC and a condemnation from then-acting President Viridus.[1] A nation known as Lotkia was banned from the CCC shortly after for being a "FCN spy". After the issue was sorted out with the help of Viridus, the CCC eventually grew inactive and died.

Under the first Constitution of the Federation of Conservative Nations, there were elections for the following positions: President, Secretary of Interior & Defense, WA Delegate, and Senate Speaker. Because of the smaller size of the region at the time, Trenado got elected as WA Delegate and without being contested. New Waldensia was elected as Secretary of Interior & Defense after winning against SCI, who soon decided to run a Presidential campaign. Shocking many people in the region, SCI was declared the victor of the Presidential Election after beating Viridus and tying with Dobrobyt.[2] He won a coin toss held by Gagium against Dobrobyt.[citation needed] SCI's campaign was based on fighting the "deep state" and bringing change to the region.

During SCI's presidency, he ran a series of polls in which users were asked to vote in United States presidential elections through history.[3] Sometime during his Presidency, the position of Secretary of Interior & Defense was split into the positions of Secretary of Interior Affairs and Secretary of War. Gagium became the Secretary of Interior Affairs while New Waldensia opted to become the Secretary of War. The Voting Through the Ages polls continued after SCI (L&O) was elected as Senate Speaker on January 19, beating Fillsurnac (CP) in the January 2018 elections.[4] During the Presidential Election, which took place on 20 and 21 January, Libervalley CP, with Krankriet as his Vice President) won against Viridus (NP) and Republic of Christiandom (IND). Dobrobyt (CP) narrowly beat Washingtonian Republic (NP) in the WA delegate election.[5] Fillsurnac was accused of using puppets and committing voter fraud during the Senate Speaker election. Trenado ran for Secretary of War uncontested and won the position, along with Gagium as Secretary of Internal Affairs.

On 28 January 2018, SCI formed the Liberty and Order Party alongside Trenado and Lermant. Gagium held the First FCN Awards on 7 February 2018, with medals drawn by Furbish Islands. Notably, Gagium, New Waldensia, SCI, Libervalley, and Dobrobyt won the Commitment Award, New Waldensia won the Helper Award, Libervalley won the Ideal Country Award, and SCI won the Best Memer Award. Rhineland Sued won the Honorary Hall of Fame award.[6]

A confrontation between Freezic Vast and Gagium, SCI, and Republic of Christiandom occurred on the FCN'S Regional Message Board on 6 March 2018. This was the result of tensions caused by the reformation of the Confederation of Conserative Nations, a predecessor region to the FCN.[7] These tensions caused Freezic to move to the CCN and denouncing Gagium.[8] During the confrontation, Freezic accused Gagium and SCI of being racist, anti-semitic, ethno-nationalists. His posts were later suppressed along with RoC's posts mocking his by NationStates moderators. The argument resulted in the FCN's regional message board being shut down by moderators for a period of 15 minutes, the only time this happened in regional history.[9] After the confrontation, tensions between the FCN and the Confederation of Conservative Nations would remain high, until the latter eventually died out.

Sometime before 26 March, Dobrobyt resigned and left the region following harassment from both SCI and Gagium (Who noted his past with Gagium on the online game ROBLOX). On 24 March, the Second Constitution of the Federation of Conservative Nations was enacted after being ratified. This new constitution, largely written by Gagium, Washingtonian Republic, and other FCN government members, included various changes and fixed several grammatical errors in the First Constitution. One major change was that all elections except for the elections for President and Senate Speaker were removed. Previously elected positions (For example, WA Delegate) were now appointed. A special election for the position of World Assembly Delegate was held on 26 March, in which Washingtonian Republic (NP) beat Lermant (L&O) and Kaasicountry (CP).[10] 12 out of 12 people polled rated Washingtonian's performance as WA Delegate as "Alright".[11]

On 12 April, the April Senate Speaker Election was held, in which Coloraado-Kansas (L&O) overwhelmingly defeated Libervalley (CP), who racked up a mere 2 votes (1 excluding himself).[12] The day after, the April Presidential Election was held, in which Gagium (CP) narrowly defeated Washingtonian Republic (NP) by 2 votes.[13] At this time, SCI began running a poll series on Presidential approval ratings, in which nations were asked to share their thoughts on previous Presidents in United States history.

Gagium, who took office as President in April 2018 after beating Washingtonian Republic, would introduce a regional currency soon after. In early July before the elections, Crimsonfield joined the region. Crimsonfield would become prominent in FCN history for the attempted regional coup which involved getting a friend to DDoS Gagium and forming a voting bloc in the FCN Senate to manipulate the region. After the DDoSing attempt came to light, Crimsonfield and his associates formed the Union of Conservative States, which would be destroyed by the FCN in the 2018 UCS Coup D'état's.

From 13 June to 16 June, a flag design competition was held, with Coastal English Districts' design eventually being chosen to replace the current flag of the FCN at the time. However, before the flag transition could occur, SCI proposed a bill in the Federation of Conservative Nations to adopt a flag secretly designed by Gagium. This flag bore several similarities to the battle flag of the Confederate States of America.[citation needed] The vote to adopt the flag narrowly passed and was signed into law by President Gagium. Some period after this, SCI left the region following the deletion of his nation.[citation needed] He would later check in with his puppet "The farmlands"[14], though during his break from regional affairs, opinion of him greatly declined.[citation needed]

Summer of 2018 & the Crimsonfield Crisis

On 10 July, the nation Crimsonfield moved into the FCN.[15] After Crimsonfield joined the FCN, FCN officials were notified of Crimsonfield's past, including his associations with Nagarno (An enemy of the LCN) and fascist regions.[citation needed] After Crimsonfield joined the region, several individuals who had been in regions with Crimsonfield in the past also joined the Federation. Many of these nations were from the region BLITZKRIEG.[16] Some of these nations would become prominent members in FCN history later on, such as Eldrado. The July 2018 Senate Speaker election was held on 13 July 2018, during which Viridus beat Trenado by a large margin.[17] Following the July 2018 Presidential Elections, North Wellwood, the sole candidate disregarding Gagium, was largely inactive. As a result, when the elections were held on 14 July, the sole voter for North Wellwood was himself.[18] As a part of Gagium's re-election campaign, he promised to bring freedom, justice, and prosperity to the region.[19]

Gagium's Secretary of War, Crimsonfield, was appointed sometime after his election. As Secretary of War, Crimsonfield both led raids and refounded several regions. However, a BLITZKRIEG official later privately informed Gagium that many of the regions Crimsonfield "refounded" never existed in the first place. On 16 July, 7 nations participated in a raid on "Socialist and Others Region of Ashs". The region would eventually be successfully refounded, and it is currently held by one of Furby's puppets in the name of the FCN.[20] On 20 July, a raid against "World Socialist Alliance for Development" occurred. The region has since ceased to exist.[21]

The period in FCN history between August to October was arguably the most toxic time to be a member of the FCN, thanks to drama caused by Crimsonfield coupled with a debate in regards to SCI. However, Gagium would come under flak for criticizing SCI since he left the region, especially from former members of the L&O Party Lermant and Trenado. It is unknown whether this criticism was related to increased moderation of Trenado and Lermant, especially for pinging on the regional discord server, by Gagium. On 19 August, SCI returned to the FCN under the alias "San Carlos Islands" rather than his prior name of "Colorado-Kansas", sparking a debate on the regional message board.[22]On 23 August 2018, Kustonia engaged in an argument on the FCN in which he espoused racist ideas and proclaimed himself to be a "Race Realist"[23] and advocated for the destruction of the modern world so that racial separation can occur[24]. This prompted his ban from the region and the FCN closing embassies with Farkasfalka.

In late August and early September, Crimsonfield would encourage many of his friends from other regions to join the FCN and become members of his Conservative Democratic Party, which would advertise itself as "basically [the] L&O"[25]. It is suspected that these nations were recruited by Crimsonfield solely for the purpose of aiding Crimsonfield in his political goals. On 3 September, Gagium became aware of a plot being organized by Crimsonfield and SCI to remove him from the presidency through an impeachment. This plot, which was discovered after Crimsonfield sent discord DMs to multiple individuals asking for their support on impeachment, involved triggering an "early election", which Crimsonfield hoped to win in order to establish a new government. Crimsonfield's reasoning was that Gagium was a "bad president" who was only elected through "buying votes". This was expressed in the same conversation in which Crimsonfield offered Krankriet a cabinet position in a Crimsonfield administration if Krankriet supported the impeachment of Gagium. On 4 September 2018, SCI returned to the FCN and revealed that he had been using an alt nation to spy on the region.[26] Shortly after this, Crimsonfield (who as recently as late August had extensively criticized SCI) welcomed SCI and criticized the "evil forces of The Gagium Club".[27] Gagium quickly made an executive order indefinitely banning SCI from the region.[28]

On 6 September 2018, following the conclusion of a four day voting period, the results of the 2nd FCN Awards were announced.[29] Gagium, New Waldensia, Viridus, Libervalley, and Washingtonian Republic all notably won the Commitment Award. The same day, Crimsonfield attempted to apologize to Gagium in DMs, after his plan was exposed. A day later, Crimsonfield invited and welcomed Christian Bounds, a friend of Crimsonfield who would later carry out the DDoSing of Gagium, into the region.[30] Shortly after, Gagium began having "internet problems". On 13 September 2018, the DDoSing was revealed after Christian Bounds confronted Gagium about it. This would result in Marshal Law being declared in the region and Crimsonfield and Christian Bounds being banjected.[31] The two, along with other members who had been banjected in a purge against the CDP, soon joined the Union of Conservative States, a region that would quickly become an enemy of the FCN. The UCS had actually been formed on 8 September, though it was not made public until 13 September.[32] SCI was the first holder of the UCS founder account, though after SCI won the Presidency of the region Lermant became the founder.[citation needed]

Tensions with the LCN and embassy closure

During Vens Verbum's term as President, several incidents occurred between the FCN and LCN. This led to an incident on 16 June in which Gagium and Viridus were banned from the LCN for spam. Following this, Gagium attempted to pass a bill in the FCN Senate to close embassies between the two regions. The bill passed, but it was vetoed. An executive order by New Gandor (who was serving as President at the time) on 4 July resulted in all LCNers being banned from the FCN and embassies closing. As a result, several prominent FCNers soon left the Federation for the League.

Late 2019

On 13 October, Furbish Islands narrowly defeated Gagium in the October Presidential Elections. During Furby's presidency, the FCN Times was revived thanks to TheGoldCoast being appointed as Head Journalist. On 17 December 2019, the Federation of Conservative Nations discord server was mysteriously raided and nearly everyone was banned from the server. It was confirmed that Doge Republics was behind the raid. A new discord server was created after the raid. Near the end of Furby's presidency in early January 2020, an effort to impeach him was pushed by Holy Rhinish Islands. The impeachment, which was put to vote on 3 January, alleged that Furby took place in bribery and illegally banning individuals. Though the impeachment vote concluded at 12 ayes and 6 nays, then-Senate Speaker Ulrech ruled that the impeachment vote technically failed.

Destruction of the FCN discord server

Attempted rebuilding and January 2020 election

The January 2020 elections would prove to be one of the most controversial elections, if not the most controversial election, in Federation history.[citation needed] New Inglaterra narrowly beat San Carlos for Senate Speaker.[citation needed] Out of five candidates, the Presidential race became an effectively two-person race as Ulrech and Holy Rhinish Islands both rose above the other three candidates.[citation needed] After the election, a group chat was made to oppose Rhinish, New Inglaterra, and the National Populist Party.[citation needed]. 64 votes (including illegal votes) were cast during the Presidential election.[citation needed] Tensions between FCNers rose during the Rhinish Presidency.[citation needed] After the election, President Rhinish made a statement in which he revealed that the LCN had been spying on the FCN.[citation needed] On 7 February, New Inglaterra resigned and left the region.[citation needed] Rhinish also resigned the same day.[citation needed] Greater Bastion, as his Vice President, took the role of President.[citation needed] Greater Bastion called a snap election for the role of President to take place on 14 March after allegations that he was incompetent for the role of President.[citation needed] This was largely fueled by his appointment of Aglonia as Secretary of Internal Affairs, who was known for his political stances.[citation needed] Gagium won the election and assumed the role of President until the April elections.[citation needed]

Post-Rhinish internal strife

Fluvannia was elected in the April 2020 Presidential elections on 13 April, beating Viridus by a somewhat large margin.[33] This would be the last Presidential election in FCN history. Following a confrontation between Gagium and Dragons of Power, Gagium resigned from his post as Fluvannia's Secretary of Internal Affairs.[citation needed] The argument led a group of individuals under the leadership of President Fluvannia to plan a new region which was designed to attract members of the FCN in which they favorably viewed while leaving out those they unfavorably viewed, including prominent FCNers and government officers like Gagium, Furby, and West Phoenicia.[citation needed]

Dissolution of the FCN & creation of the RCN

After Gagium left the region, the FCN was legally dissolved by the Senate on 1 May 2020. On 2 May 2020, New Waldensia announced that the FCN was to be password-locked and that all nations should move to the Republic of Conservative Nations (RCN). On 23 May 2022, the RCN was dissolved by the Move on Act.[34] On 13 January 2023, the FCN was refounded by the League's Defense Forces.[35]



Liberation attempt

Members of the Union of Conservative States attempted to liberate the FCN using the World Assembly Security Council- this liberation was certain to fail at vote, being at 3892 votes "for" and 12,243 votes "against" at last tally.[36][37] Already doomed to failure, it additionally discarded by the NationStates moderation team, who had uncovered a scheme by its creators to force the proposal through quorum with multiple World Assembly accounts.[38]

Hazardous foreign affairs allegations

According to a NSToday article on the matter,

...[T]he Federation of Conservative Nations, has faced criticism on all sides for entering into a defensive pact with notoriously fascist region Farkasfalka and other regions deemed ‘hazardous’ by the Pan-Pacific Civil Defense Siren, whilst still preaching an anti fascist foreign and military policy.

— V. Sawyer, "Declaring War on the Anti-Fascists: A Fool’s Errand?", NSToday 5 July 2019[39]

One possible candidate for the pact would be the Augusto Pinochet Vengeance Force, but the FCN's cooperation with them was nonofficial, and numerous allies which appeared in the document would later become enemies of the FCN through its participation in the Gentlemen's Coalition. When asked about the article, Gagium personally described it as inaccurate.

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