Director of Foreign Affairs

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Director of Foreign Affairs
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since 9 November 2020
Department of Foreign Affairs
AppointerConsulate of the Republic
Formation16 December 2019

The Director of Foreign Affairs is the director of the Department of Foreign Affairs and World Assembly Delegate. The position and department were established on December 16, 2019 by CRL 15. The director is responsible for managing and appointing diplomats to foreign regions, managing embassies, and, as the World Assembly Delegate since the passage of CRL 16, voting on World Assembly propositions. The Consulate of the Republic appoints the director.

New Gandor

After the passage of CRL 15, the Consulate appointed New Gandor as the first director on December 17, 2019. New Gandor appointed Greater Sacramento and Terranihil as diplomats. Together they reevaluated the region's embassies, then divided the embassies equally amongst the three of them. New Gandor appointed several other ambassadors later, including King Denver and Amaan. Terranihil was briefly director from March 17 to March 25 because New Gandor was busy with college. After the passage of CRL 16, New Gandor was made the World Assembly Delegate. Within his term, several developments in foreign affairs were made, including the passage of the LCN-FNR Agreement, the LCN-MDA Agreement, and the formation of an embassy with The East Pacific. New Gandor resigned June 28, 2020 due to real life issues.

San Carlos Islands

The Consulate appointed San Carlos Islands on June 30, 2020. He appointed several diplomats including Washingtonian Republic, Malgax, and Paleocacher. Denver resigned as diplomat and moved to the region of Enadia. The 2020 summer diplomatic crisis led to the loss of several embassies, including with The Free Nations Region, The East Pacific, Right to Life, the Union of Democratic States, and The Gray Wardens. San Carlos Islands resigned due to his inactivity in carrying out the responsibilities of director.


Paleocacher was appointed on November 9, 2020.

Image Name Term of office
Newgandorflag.png New Gandor December 17
June 28
New Gandor was appointed as the first Director. Terranihil was briefly Director in a semi-official capacity from March 17-25 while New Gandor was busy. New Gandor resigned due to real life issues.
195 days
San Carlos Islands Flag.png San Carlos Islands June 30
November 6
San Carlos Islands resigned due to inactivty.
130 days
Paleo Flag 1.png Paleocacher November 9
75 days

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