Council of the Republic Law 11

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Council of the Republic Law 11
Seal of the Council.png
1st Council of the Republic
Proposed byGjorka
Passed28 June 2019
  • 6 voted for
  • None voted against
  • None abstained
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Status: In force

Council of the Republic Law 11 was passed on 28 June 2019 by the 1st Council of the Republic.

CRL 11

Relations between The League and the Federation of Conservative Nations have been slowly deteriorating. We have sat idly by and not taken serious action when members of their leadership treated us as lesser members of the Gentlemen's Coalition, supplied less than half the soldiers in the Coalition, didn’t help in planning future raids, and when they jeopardized a secret intelligence mission relating to Farkasfalkan officials. Finally, half of their Members in the Gentlemen’s Coalition Planning Committee remain absent, their High Commander hasn’t been replaced, and they have few people left in the Coalition. These factors display that the Federation either is apathetic to the organization or is unable to contribute fairly to it. Since they seem unwilling to remedy this or withdraw themselves, we find it in the League’s best interest to void the agreement.

The LCN Government Declares:

  • The Gentlemen’s Resolution and all amendments will be declared void by the Consulate and the League’s signature withdrawn,
  • New agreements can be formulated if they are mutually desired and do not hinder the League’s interests.


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  • Gjorka (28 June 2019). "CRL #11 - An Act to Declare the Gentlemen's Resolution Void". NationStates. The Republic of LCN Council Archive.