Council of the Republic Law 1

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Council of the Republic Law 1
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Citizens' Assembly
Proposed byThe LCN government
Repealed by
Council of the Republic Law 28
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Status: Repealed

Council of the Republic Law 1 was passed by the Citizens' Assembly. It was repealed by CRL 28.


The Government of The League must have a system to our citizens and document those who come into our region. We must have a system to ensure only those who will sustain our regional security are permitted citizenship. Our elections must maintain legitimate and our regional sovereignty must be upheld.

The LCN Government Declares:

  • Immigration be overseen by the LCN Defense Administration, specifically the LCN Intelligence Agency,
  • The LCNIA shall delegate resources and roles to enforce a secure immigration system,
  • The LCNIA shall use investigative measures to verify potential citizens will further the prosperity of our region,
  • The Consulate may overturn any LCNIA citizenship decision,
  • The LCNIA shall formulate a document in co-ordinance with the Consulate on immigration policy,
  • This legislation will go into effect immediately after its passage by the Citizens’ Assembly.

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  • The LCN government (24 June 2019). "CRL #1 - An Act for Secure Integration and Citizenship in the League". NationStates. The Republic of LCN Council Archive.