Spode Humbled Minions (politician)

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Spode Humbled Minions
Water monitor walking on the ground.jpg
Personal details
Born (2016-04-13) 13 April 2016 (age 7)
CitizenshipThe League of Conservative Nations The League
Political partyIndependent
ResidenceCouncil Delegate Estate
Military service
AllegianceThe League of Conservative Nations The League
Branch/service League's Defense Forces
Years of service2018–2021

Spode Humbled Minions, also known as Spode or Mechanocracy, is a long time politician of The League and Concord. Joining NationStates on 13 May 2016, they would engage in a series of regional mergers that resulted in them joining The League of Conservative Nations (now The League). Throughout their career in League politics, they have put forward multiple bills, including An Act to Repeal CRL 1, An Act to end CRB #3 and the Preparedness Provisions Act, as well as headed various governmental agencies, both currently extant and defunct.

In addition to governmental service, they have created and run organizations like the SPICE Index, a currency exchange and financial prediction company and a League registered media company known as The 5th Column.

In 2023, they programmed the Forum Monitor, a Discord integration that automatically provides links to current League forum posts.

Government positions


  • Delegate of Concord (14 June 2022 – Present)[1]
  • Diplomatic agent (Unknown – Present) [2]
  • Consul of the Republic (18 February 2023 – Present)


daggerNon-continuous service

Political party affiliations

Spode was affiliated with the Anti-Don Cheadle Party in 2020 prior to the organization's dissolution in June of the same year.

Medals and awards

Flag of The League.png The League

Roleplay participation

Spode has participated in numerous roleplays/RPs on NationStates, including

  • Gateway RP (2022 – Present)
    • Playing as a group of colonizing robots from across the Confederacy of Mechanocracy
  • Terraconserva Worldbuilding RP
    • Playing as BioWorkes corporation briefly, before switching to playing as the nation of Rakeo.
  • The 2018 LCN non-earth MT RP (July 5 2018 – July 30 2018)
    • Playing as the hyper-isolationist dictatorship of Topia


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