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Spode Humbled Minions
Council Delegate of the LCN
Assumed office
February 14, 2020
LCNIA Director
Assumed office
December 16, 2019
Preceded byDoge Republics
Prison Guard
In office
August 21, 2016 – August 26, 2016
Preceded byPosition Established
Succeeded byPosition Abolished
FFU coordinator
In office
June 6, 2018 – August 7, 2018
Serving with
Papal States
Preceded byPosition established
Succeeded byPosition Abolished
LCNDA Director
In office
October 18th, 2018 – November 30th, 2018
Preceded byUnknown
Succeeded byFandom
Speaker of the Senate
In office
November 24, 2017 – December 21, 2017
Preceded byIcaris
Succeeded byUnknown
Sole proprietor of SPI and all subsidiaries  
Assumed office
Preceded byPosition Established
Personal details
CitizenshipThe League
Political partyAnti Don Cheadle Party of the LCN
ResidenceThe League
ProfessionIntelligence Agency Directory, Journalist
Salary6500 Leaguecredits
Net worth45.35cc[1], 4,052,458 Leaguecredits
Civilian awardsExemplary Service Through the World Assembly Medal
Military service
Branch/serviceLIA, LDF
Years of service2019-2021
RankDirector, Corporal
Military awardsIntelligence Contribution Medal

Government positions

Over the course of spending nearly five years in The League, Spode has been appointed to and nominated for various positions in its government.

Prison guard

Spode's introduction to governmental participation was an appointment to the LCN prison region, an ill fated project, justified by CSNA at the time with

"Lets say, Zealand discloses classified info, but i dont want to ban him, so i send him to prison for a week, if he does not post on RMB, and lives in prison for a week, hes back and forgiven!"[2]

This was not a popular move, and after around a week, both Spode and Tanner456 returned from 'prison' to the LCN, concluding Spode's short career as prison guard.

Senate speaker

Spode was appointed to this position by then-president Icaris. During his time as Senate Speaker, Spode created a new system of interlinked dispatches, and conducted a census/review of the regional population and citizenship-statuses. Overall, this section of Spode's political career was marked by usage of google docs.

Career as LCNIA/LIA Director

Spode weathered the FCN discord crisis generated by the former LCNIA director. According to him: "I was made LCNIA head due to my innate abilities to anole-lyze information"

Council delegate

Spode Publishing Industries

Spode Publishing Industries is a publisher of content both on and off NationStates, being the parent company of The 5th Column, as well as providing capital for a planned but never released comic known as Moist Man.

Moist Man

Spode was a producer/financer for a four member team looking to produce a series of comics based on a friend's stories. Following personal issues, as well as the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the project fell into disarray and has not been completed.

The Fifth Column

The Fifth Column is a newspaper operating under the Spode Publishing Industries brand. It serves as a direct competitor to The League's Chronicle, a form of state-run propaganda operated by Terry.[citation needed]

Raiding and defending service

Pre 2021

Spode participated in the liberation initiative, which was a raid against the UCN in 2018.

Post 2021

Spode has served in a total of 43 updates in Libcord, a defender coordination group, and rose to the rank of corporal before becoming an LDF reservist. Additionally, Spode served in a delegate transition for the region Sophia, and two antifascist R/D actions.


Reservist-Corporal Director of Foreign Affairs and Diplomatic Agent Council Delegate Spode, CEO and Sole Proprietor of Spode Publishing Industries- Former LIA Director, LCNDA Director, Speaker of the Senate, and prison guard.