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Operation Tim

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Operation Tim
DateAugust 11-12, 2020
Time1:58am EST
Duration1.5 hours (planned)
1 minute (actual)
LocationThe League of Conservative Nations
Also known asTim Heist, Second Tim Incident
TypePiracy, Money Laundering, Conspiracy
MotiveDeletion of the "Tim" item
TargetConsulate Central Bank
Organised byLCN Mafia
OutcomeOperation Busted
InquiriesLCN Mafia VC Trials
Charges2 granted immunity
7 charged 10,000 LC
1 charged 20,000 LC

Operation Tim was an illegal covert operation conducted by the LCN Mafia from August 11 to 12, 2020. The operation's primary goal was to secure 250,000 Leaguecredits worth of contraband known as "Tim"s for the Mafia's possession. The Calamarian Financial Assistance Corporation was complacent with the operation and took an active part in it. The operation was exposed after Creeperopolis took over control of the company from Calamari on August 31, 2020, after a deal for immunity in exchange for all knowledge of the operation.


On August 9, 2020, Terranihil created a purchasable item called "Tim." It resulted in Creeperopolis, Gagium, Legion of Mankind, Terranihil, and Karimun purchasing a total of 42,200,006 "Tim"s, crashing the "Tim" market. The item was soon deleted on orders of Quebecshire.

Later, it was discovered that Terranihil hid 3 "Tim"s which were quickly confiscated.

Calamari alleged that there is a secret underground blackmarket "Tim" market.

It is currently unknown what the name "Tim" was in reference to.



On August 11, 2020, Calamari and Lyoa, the leaders of the LCN Mafia, conspired a plan to create a blackmarket of "Tim"s. Calamari noted how Amaan land was handing out "non-mob loans." Xusma suggested the Mafia should "beat up Amaan" or "sue Amaan of discrimination" to prevent him from loaning. Willdavie suggested that a protection racket be set up. After discussions, Creeperopolis and Lyoa were selected to be intimidation to prevent loaners from taking loans from Amaan. Greater Sacramento, Eminople, Creeperopolis, Lyoa, Gagium, and Calamari suggested what the Mafia should do, and Gagium suggested that the Mafia should make an illegal blackmarket of "Tim"s.

Willdaive asked "Eminople, could you temporarily create ["Tim"s] for us to buy, and then delete the item?" to which Eminople said yes. With the help of a Consul of the Republic, the Mafia initiated Operation Tim to create a blackmarket of "Tim"s. As the operation was confirmed, Gagium, Creeperopolis, Willdavie, and Xusma all spammed "(crab) ["Tim"] market will soon exist again (crab)." Eminople suggested doing it when most of the server was asleep. Willdavie suggested that 10 "Tim"s should be created and the plan was formed: Eminople would create an item called "Tim" late at night where 10 of them would be purchased and be hidden away in an inventory.

Gagium stated he "want[s] to protect [himself] from consulate rigging of the bot" which possibly suggests a motive to carry out the plot.

Creeperopolis then suggested to place the "Tim"s in the account of his friend, Dannisaurous, who was not well known on the server. Dannisaurous was invited to the plan and agreed to the plan. Dannisaurous became a stayer of the region and the plan was set to go ahead at 4am EST. The plan went as follows (all times are in EST):

3:00am: Spam team launches operations
4:00am: Eminople creates Tim at 0 LGC
4:00am: Creeper buys Tims
4:00am: Tims go to Danni
4:30am: Spam Team lauches finishes operations

The operation was officially named Operation Tim after the plan was formulated and it was suggested by Creeperopolis.

Each "Tim" was worth 25,000 Leaguecredits initially and after a month, they would have been worth 75,000 Leaguecredits.

A joke was passed around in the Mafia:

CFAC Agent: Hey there buddy, I hear you have 100,000 Leaguecredit in your bank. I believe that I can give you something in exchange for that money.
Victim Customer: What is it?
CFAC Agent: shows ["Tim"]
Victim Customer: Take all my money.

Quebec out here taxing us now but he has no idea about the ["Tim"] market.

— Gagium.

Xusma, Greater Sacramento, Lyoa, and Creeperopolis were selected to be a part of the spam team.


Evidence of Operation Tim.

Due to Eminople wanting to sleep, the operation was rushed and executed much earlier than planned. The Mafia joined a chat to organize the operation. The plan went ahead and Eminople executed the command "?create-item tim" at 1:58am on August 12. Creeperopolis bought 10 "Tim"s for 0 Leaguecredits but before he gave them to Dannisaurous, Paleocacher did finance in the bank and the Mafia went into a panic. Creeperopolis quickly gave the "Tim"s to Dannisaurous and Eminople deleted the item. All messages of the event were deleted. The operation was done before 2am EST and the Mafia had a hold of 250,000 Leaguecredits worth of "Tim"s.

Immedaite Aftermath

Immediately after the hesit was over, Calamari ejected everyone out of the groupchat to ensure no one would have evidence if they snitched.

Operation Reverse Pickpocket

On August 13, 2020, Calamari, Lyoa, and Creeperopolis conspired Operation Reverse Pickpocket to place a "Tim" in Quebecshire's inventory to, in the words of Calamari, "make a statement." The plan was formed to take revenge on Quebecshire for muting Lyoa during the Quebecshire Girlfriend Reveal which only happened two hours earlier.

The plan never went ahead.

Consulate Raid


On August 30, 2020, ownership of the Calamarian Financial Assistance Corporation was transfered to Creeperopolis and was renamed to the Creeperian Financial Assistance Corporation.[1] Creeperopolis later offered to buy 10% of Calamari's stocks for 10,000 Leaguecredits but Calamari refused and demanded more. Creeperopolis then offered 15,000 Leaguecredits, to which Calamari demanded 100,000 Leaguecredits. Creeperopolis then offered 30,000 Leaguecredits but Calamari refused and negotiations failed.

On August 31, Calamari then demanded 150,000 Leaguecredits to which Creeperopolis offered to buy Calamari out entirely for 200,332 Leaguecredits, the value of his 35% share in CFAC. Calamari refused and the issue was taken to Quebecshire. Quebecshire stated that Calamari did not outline that shareholders owned anything in the company which legally meant Creeperopolis could kick anyone out of CFAC as long as Creeperopolis paid the amount the stock was worth. Creeperopolis paid Calamari for his stocks and kicked him out of CFAC.


The chat used by the Mafia.

As a result, at 6:49pm EST, Calamari revealed that Dannisaurous illegally owned 10 "Tim"s. Creeperopolis immedaitely went into a plea deal for immunity in exchange for information of everything he knows. Creeperopolis claimed Calamari was the mastermind and then Calamari also plead for immunity. Both were granted immunity by Quebecshire and Terranihil. Creeperopolis told Quebecshire to look for a deleted message of Eminople creating the "Tim"s which Quebecshire did find which gave credability to Creeperopolis. Calamari then gave Quebecshire access to the Mafia chat which gave Calamari credability.

Spode Humbled Minions attempeted by buy "Tim"s and ran the command "?buy 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Tim" but failed.


Quebecshire and Terranihil identified those who were a part of the plot.

Calamari claimed that he did it for the content.


Role Plotter Penalty
Organizer, Leader, Planner, Spammer Calamari Granted Immunity
Planner, Spammer, Buyer Creeperopolis Granted Immunity
Planner, Possessor Dannisaurous 10,000 fine
Planner, Creator, Deleter Eminople 20,000 fine
Planner Gagium 10,000 fine
Planner, Spammer Greater Sacramento 10,000 fine
Organizer, Planner, Spammer Lyoa 10,000 fine
Planner Washingtonian Republic 10,000 fine
Planner Willdavie 10,000 fine
Planner, Spammer Xusma 10,000 fine


The plot lead to the complete demise of the Mafia.

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